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My last chapter on this site was from 2014, I know, 4 years ago, but 2 years ago, I created www.cmnf-stories.info and began migrating 2 of the stories from this site (Pets and Harmony) with the goal of writing new chapters, but on only one subject: CMNF.

It didn’t last, and I entered another 2 years hiatus I am starting to be famous for…

This week, however (the week around Valentines day of 2018), I finished migrating Harmony and added new chapters. I also migrated Sue and added new chapters. I even migrated Alex, which only has 1 chapter on this site, and wrote new chapters.

I even created a new serial: Faith, which has already 3 chapters as of the time of writing this.

I will try with these 6 serials to continue writing on cmnf-stories.info. If I do get stuck and still want to write, I might add chapters here, or launch another spin-off site.

I often dreamed of┬áreturning to this site, but I don’t think I can: I’ve been on and off writing for it for 6 years and many of the stories are dead-ends. I don’t think I will ever write another Cathy chapter, same with Cindy.

Maybe Karen and Lizzie might get more chapters, but honestly, both feature chastity cages and I┬ádon’t know enough about them to write realistic stories. Same with Karen.

That leaves Sam and Suzy and Jill. I don’t know if I will ever write new chapters for them, but if I do, I guess they will be here.

We’ll see..

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