Site repaired and new chapters being posted

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This site was broken for a while without me realizing, and it is now repaired.

You can once again view my old chapters free of charge, but if what you want is new ones, I suggest you to over to where you can read a few of my serials (all on CMNF, but one is also about Chastity).

A few of the serials are new, but the majority are edited versions of a few of my serials from this site, such as Sue, which was re-edited to fit a more CMNF storyline.

Harmony is now my longest serial, with new chapters being written slowly, but surely…

Why don’t you head over? The design is cleaner, and I try to proof-read my stories a little more!

But more importantly, there are no cross-overs: I thought you guys would love them, but as it turns out, it wasn’t really popular.

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