New chapters and a new serial?

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My last chapter was published on October 8th 2014, and ironically, it was titled “New Direction”, a direction which was never explored..

Since then, I have tried on multiple times to write new chapters, but I quickly realized that the current site was made mainly to publish multiple serials at once, without spending time to edit or review.

The whole site was made to quickly publish new chapters, not think and plan.

All thru 2015, I kept trying to find a solution around the site structure, without breaking the archives.

The solution I came up with was to start a new site, this time on a single main subject (CMNF), continuing Harmony and Pets, while writing a new serial, The Circle.

You can see all of this over at

However, unlike this site, I will not have a schedule, and instead, try to revise chapters until I feel they are right.

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