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I am not yet back on the saddle. I do not write as many chapters as I used to and I am still scared of missing a deadline, but so far, I am not panicking.

Even thought it’s not finished yet, next Monday’s chapter of Sam is almost done. And a new Suzy and Jill chapter is already schedules.

Thursday will most likely be Olivia chapter 2, which very clear in my mind. Friday is of course already written (back in 2001). I only need to proof-read it to ensure its quality.

That leaves Wednesday open. Do I publish Cindy, Chapter 2 ? Do I write a new Pets chapter ? Do I continue Lizzie ? I’ll probably decide this week-end.

So, I am 80% sure that by the end of the week-end, the full schedule will be filled and I hope by the end of next week, to have at least 2 or 3 chapters programmed to start filling the buffer some more.

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