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And so we enter 2011. As I am writing these lines, I just programmed chapter 23 of Susanna, the chapter that was published yesterday as of the time of publication of this blog. Chapter 24 will be programmed shortly, but the next few chapters aren’t written yet until we approach the next major story chapter.

I personally thought 10 years ago back in 2001 that the revelation that Simon’s father owns all of the slave academies was big. Sure, there is more to come but it’s the first major non-sexual plot hole I ever wrote for a sexual story.

For me, that means that this chapter will always have a special place in my heart even if in the last 10 years my writing abilities grew beyond such a simple reveal.

Sure, it’s big, but as a reader, were you really invested in the master’s job ? Did you really get to care about him as a person other than as Susanna’s partner ?

Perhaps you were touched by Felicia’s departure (which was written after chapter 23 despite being published first), but never did he really talk about his job. On the first day when Susanna sees the stack of pictures of slaves, we get a Chekov’s gun retconned into the story , but I thought it felt forced.

This year, I want to build on that and try to use the Chekov’s gun rule to impress you readers with twists you didn’t see coming but which were in retrospect hinted at.

There are a few already well places guns ready to spring but I still need a lot of narrative to exploit them: a good Chekov’s gun is presented in the first act and revealed in the third one.

Most of my stories are still in their first act and a few are already or entering the second one (such as Pets, Suzy and Jill, Lizzie) but many of them don’t even have a gun planted because they were planned to run forever.

Lizzie, Harmony, Lindsey and Helen were better planned with clear ideas on their conclusions, but to expose the secrets would mean closing the story.

Helen for example, will find a way to get back to her life but doing so means the end of the story, making us miss all of the great sexual scenes I have in mind for that specific serial.

So, here are my resolutions for the new year:

  1. Try to continue to publish 5 stories per week
  2. Find a way to plant and reveal chekov’s guns in many of my stories without causing them to come to a halt
  3. Start one new serial filled with early chekov’s guns in the first few chapters which I would spring like a trap further on. Phil and Peter are both suitable for this, but Sue and Lily should be just as interesting if I find a way to make them
  4. Try to put more emotions in my stories to make the characters feel more alive
  5. Try avoid leaving a story too long without new chapters

I hope these resolutions will make you happy. If not, don’t hesitate to tell me !

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