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You might have noticed that Karen and Pat have switched place in the schedule on July 5th 2014, even if for the last 2 months or so (2 chapters of Pat and 4 of Karen), Karen was still published on a Tuesday and Pat was still published Mondays.

It’s just that the buffer was already planned until today.

Why the change in schedule?

As it turns out, writing Pat isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, unlike Karen, and while Lucy gave me some breathing room, I can’t really write Lucy chapters that quickly.

Harmony on the other hand, is almost begging me to be published more often as the multiplication of story lines increases (the new relationship with Laura and improvements in the kitchen, the mining operation, the shipping, and future story lines planned for a while which never get the chance to shine), while Sue requires more planning.

As such, by simply inverting my two new serials, I can more easily publish more Harmony chapters (like two in a row from time to time), giving time to let Pat settle, and moving Karen (which is also going well) to Monday will help me with Sue.

As you can see, the schedule is far from random: I think long and hard to make sure that the stories on a single day complement each other well, not in tone or theme, but in writing output level: I need either 2 strong stories which are each comfortable running every two weeks (which is the case for Wednesday), or two going-well stories with an alternate for filling blanks (which is the case for Thursday and now, Monday).

Tuesday is a special case, because Harmony is such a driving force right now that it might have been able to carry Tuesday on it’s own like Susanna used to do for long stretches at a time for Fridays, but I prefer to let it alternate to not burn it out too quickly.

In all cases, I think that Karen and Pat will be more comfortable with their new day and that can only help Lucy (who is starting to bloom) and Phil (who is still lethargic at this moment).


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