The end of the first phase of Pets

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Pets has now seen the original planned 26 chapters published. The last chapter is very different than the original plan meant, but still ends the same way: with Ellie fully accepting her new life with Richard and Candy.

Pets was originally planned to be just a novel composed of those 26 chapters and would have ended at that point.

Now that it is a serial, it will enter a new phase in which our BDSM trio will explore their new life in bigger depths. Ellie will stop being surprised at every new step and instead fully embrace her new lifestyle.

She will also become more bold and outgoing in her personality, thanks to her new anchor, Richard.

We know from Cathy that our trio are a member of a Baltimore BDSM club. This is where our young adults will continue their discoveries in the upcoming chapters which were meant for two other protagonists.

They journey will be Richard, Ellie and Candy’s journey and we will get to meet the people from 3 chapters of Cathy in greater depths.

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