Lindsey Chapter 1: Misery

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The Mansion looked like it was frozen, unaffected by the passage of time or its use by it’s inhabitants. It looked cold, distant, uninterested as if it didn’t care what happens inside it’s walls.

Lindsey was unsure herself about what these walls were hiding, and she wasn’t looking forward to find out. Her only hope was that in the next few months, her purse would be a lot heavier.

Moving to Germany had not been easy, but like Michael had said, it was better than the life she had in America.

America. The land of opportunity. She was born there, and yet, the only opportunity she ever had was the chance of being miserable.

Forced to live her teenage years with her uncaring uncle when her parents died in a stupid car accident, she thought she had learned what is was to live on your own. In 5 years, they must have shared less than five conversations, including the one when she arrived. He didn’t even say goodbye on the day of her 18th birthday.

But her trouble had only started. Without any help, how can a barely eighteen teenager live in New York City?

Fortunately, Michael came around. Of course, an aspiring porn star isn’t the best friend a young girl can have. But at least, she had a place to live, a short career on the Internet and stayed off drugs.

Of course, it didn’t start that way. All along the shy 21 year old web designer wanted her for his websites right from the time he saw her in front of the McDonald’s, trying to get some change to supposedly call home.

He didn’t talk to her at first thought. He followed her for a few hours, while she moved from place to place. He would have never had the guts to approach her, if she hadn’t confronted him at that greasy burger place.

“Hey, stop following me.”


“You’ve been following me. If you want to rob me or rape me, I warn you, I know Kung Fu”

“I don’t want to hurt you… I want to know you.”

“If you want to know me, buy me a burger, fries and you can watch me eat. After that, we split”.

The meal ended when the restaurant closed, and they stayed side by side, literally, for nearly two years.

Of course, he didn’t blurt out the plan in the first few minutes. He slowly let her on that he was making lots of money on the Internet, and he gradually let slip that his most lucrative work had been porn sites. Eventually, he proposed a partnership, going only as far as she wanted, possibly only sexy bathing suit pictures if that is all she wanted.

At first, she thought she would use him for a couple of nights in a comfortable bed with good food to eat, but gradually she began to like him and what he did for his client’s websites.

He wasn’t in the hard core porn. His clients mostly did solo work, kind of like in Playboy.

After only a few days she tried a few bikini shots, and not before long Michael convinced her to try live webcams in solo where she posed for her clients and masturbated for them.

They had started to fool around and gradually, he began to appear more and more frequently on her webcam shows, until one day they pretty much worked all day long, that is, have sex live on the Internet for their well paying audience.

At first, it was a blast. People paid by the minute to see them, and some weekends they made more than she thought possible to make in a year.

But the dream didn’t last. Other sites offered unlimited membership which not only brought bandwidth cost to the roof as clients no longer cared to disconnect when they went to sleep or work, but hackers also started to buy legitimate memberships to re-broadcast it at a lower price.

After only a few months, rare were the still paying customers, and they became more and more demanding, making requests to keep their membership active.

Soon, they lost all fun and even their off camera love-making became less interesting. Water-sport, spanking, bondage, guest stars featuring live bi action, and anal invasion with huge dildos: Lindsey and Michael did everything to keep the business running.

It wasn’t enough. Webcam sites now offered a wide choice of girls 24 hours per day for the same price or even less, along with a wide picture gallery from even more girls.

Like all good things, they eventually realized that running a permanent very-high speed connection for only a handful of customers, most of which never returned, was useless and more importantly a business failure.

At first, Michael was devastated since it was his idea, but it soon became apparent that it was her that took it the worst. He had another job making websites but she only knew how to do one thing: having sex in front of an audience.

Furthermore, it was clear that clients weren’t paying for Michael. It was solely for seeing her. Michael was just an accessory to realize their client’s desires.

Once more, life had let her down. For several weeks, she contemplated suicide or prostitution and oddly enough, both simply seemed too complex to achieve.

As such, she settled for apathy. She slept most of the day, going out of her bed only to use the bathroom, eat a little, and cry in a corner of the balcony.

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