Suzy and Jill Chapter 27: Movie Night

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Jill came back promptly with the movie and put it in the DVD player without further introductions.

It was called : “Captured : The true story of Sylvana Flemings”.

It’s a story of a happy rich family who runs a real estate investment firm who have a beautiful 12 year old daughter.

One day, their daughter is kidnapped for a ransom of several million dollars. Devastated, the parents pay the ransom with the help of the police in the hope of finding the kidnappers.

They take the money but keep the girl hostage anyway and abuse her sexually. Suzy held my arm strongly, most likely imagining that the little girl was our daughter.

Mister Flemings becomes obsesse at finding his daughter and keeps working hard to raise more money for a bigger ransom but the kidnappers seem to have vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, we see the little girl growing up repeatedly abused sexually by the three men who live the big life thanks to the ransom they got. She is locked up at all times in their basement and kept chained to a pipe, naked, thought the camera angles were made to hide her most of the time.

After her father dies of a hearth attack, a old police officer becomes obsessed with finding Sylvana so that her grieving mother wouldn’t be alone anymore.

He himself empathies with Mrs Flemmings because he has a young daughter, the apple of his eyes.

After two years of constant obsession and fight against his superiors on how to spend his time, he finally saves Sylvana singlehandedly, killing two of the men in the process and arresting the third one.

Seeing how Sylvana was traumatized, her mother commits suicide and the police officer takes care of her from time to time ensuring she ends up in a good foster care home.

Sadly, he died less than a year later and Sylvana got emancipated in order to live off her parent’s fortune, taking over their company.

Suzy was crying at the end of the movie. Jill was crying. I was almost crying too, and I never cry in front of a movie.

Suzy was almost furious as Jill: “Why did you want to show us this movie ? It’s really sad”

“Because I am in it.”, replied Jill.

I asked: “Really ? Who were you ?”

“The daughter of the detective”

Suzy continued: “You mean Julie I think? I guess I can see a little resemblance. How old were you when you filmed the movie ?”

“You don’t get it. I was not the actress. I was the character. The detective is my father.”

I suddenly put 2 and 2 together: “Yeah, that’s how your father got his medal right ?”

“Indeed, Governor Lamburger gave it to him when he was initially elected. In fact, he ran his campaign on the heroics of my father and my dad couldn’t resist going on the campaign trail with him. He died less than a 6 months later, when I was 8.”

Suzy: “Wow, so you got to meet that poor little girl ?”

Jill: “Yeah. She ate at our house a few times but I couldn’t connect to her. I don’t think anyone could. She looked empty, as if her body and her mind had survived but her soul had died.”

Suzy : “And that prompted you to make movies ?”

Jill: “The director was amazing. He spent a lot of time with me and my mother to get my father just right. I had just lost him, a year before, and suddenly everyone was interested in him. I spent weeks talking with the actor who played him and the actress who played me. The three of us almost felt like a real family. I felt like I had just gotten my father back.”

Suzy hugged Jill to show her support, so I joined the group hug. It was a tender moment, the kind that really helps people get closer to each other.

Suzy and I got to know more about Jill’s past. Things she wasn’t willing to share easily. My guess is that we were getting into a phase of our relationship which was deeper and more important than when we were just experimenting.

When I get older, if I am still with Suzy and Jill and want to refer to a specific moment which brought us closer, that would be it.

Nobody had sex that night, but we still felt a certain level of blissfulness.

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