Harmony Story Introduction

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The basics of Harmony were laid down in 2005 but the story notes were too restrictive and prevented me from moving the story forward until I decided to vastly change the story to open it up. The basic idea was a rich girl in the future forced by her parents to study in a poor university on another planet so that she would learn humility. I had notes on over 20 of her classmates and found the setting simply too vast for my writing skills.

Once I got rid of the University, I changed the premise around and found myself able to at least start it.

Harmony’s parent are rich. Very rich. She lives approximately 500 years into the future and faster than light space travel is now common place but controlled by only a few shipping conglomerates.

In her future, corporations control every aspects of society. They own planets and people living on those planet aren’t citizens, just employees required to work just to prevent being deported from the planet they grew up on.

Since the corporations even control the schools on those foreign planets, kids only receive enough knowledge and propaganda to become efficient workers.

Faster than light communication isn’t possible and as such, each colony is running autonomously often changing ownership several times without the local population being aware.

Harmony was supposed to inherit on her wedding day the biggest colonial empire from her father and the biggest shipping conglomerate from her mother, making her the richest person in the universe.

Sadly, a tragic accident changed everything, forcing her to learn how to survive as a colonist on one of her father’s colonies. Does she have what it takes ? Considering she was only raised to be a socialite, it is doubtful.

Fortunately, she has a tool so far unknown on her new planet: sex appeal.

Imagine Paris Hilton being dropped penny less  in a communist gulag and you get how disoriented Harmony will be once she lands far from her vast mansion and huge wardrobe.

The first chapter deals with her life prior to her exile. The next 3 chapters chronicle the 14 months spent on the ship.

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