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Susanna lives in a world where every teenager, from the age of 19 to the age of 21, is a slave. Susanna was sold as a Class S (sexual) slave in an auction on her birthday and we can follow her adventures which are published every Friday.

Olivia was born on the same day as Susanna and in the same province and as such, was sold as a sexual slave minutes before Susanna was. Both characters even got to meet in Chapter 11 of Susanna

On most Thursdays, we can now follow her own adventures which are of a completely different nature than Susanna.

Susanna is the main character of her Universe, a little like Luke Skywalker is in Star Wars while Olivia is officially just a secondary character occurring in the background.

But Olivia will let us discover other aspects of the Susanna universe we would not have discovered otherwise and of course, we’ll get to see her own sexual adventures.

Olivia was purchased by a rich couple, Patrick and Emilie. Patrick own an engineering company and Emilie is a stay at home wife who dreams of being a slave to her husband. Together, they wrote a scenario to spice up their love life :

Patrick is to buy a Class S slave who is to play the role of Patrick’s wife while Emilie has to wear a chastity belt and serve both Patrick and his pretend wife.

The plan will work for a while, letting Emilie live a life she always dreamed of, until they grew tired of it and Olivia no longer has a purpose.

What will they do with her ?

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