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If you have read in one of my past blogs about Sue, forget everything you read because that story is still in development hell.

This Sue is a completely different story which stirs from me re-reading Sylvana and remembering the fun I had in writing a club scene.

It’s about a young man named Paul who meets a young woman named Sue in a club and the two of them have a one night stand.

She leaves her phone number, realizing that she was just a one night stand and not expecting an actual call.

Paul however, was thrilled by the evening and gives Sue a chance, calling her back a few days later (just so he doesn’t sound desperate).

It’s going to clearly be an alternate story. I see perhaps 10-12 chapters with strictly heterosexual sex between two consenting adults, but I have a few interesting ideas which should make it slightly different than many of my other stories.

Not massively, but not that bad for a Monday story, which are often my weakest.

Update: I have a plan for 11 chapters, but if this plan is like the other ones, it might mean from 15 to 18 chapters once I am in the writing process, adding unplanned chapters along the way.

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