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Phil is a normal 30 years old normal guy. He has a crappy job and lives in a crappy apartment. Nothing extraordinary ever happened to Phil: he had average grades and dates average women for a few dates until they get tired of him and dump him.

Phil doesn’t really deserve his own serial. He is just like you and me. Except that one day, at the shopping mall, he got bumped into by a sexy 20 year old girl who was running away from 2 older guys chasing her with security agent uniforms.

It looked like a normal chase by mall cops after a shoplifter except that when the girl, Julie, collided with him he knew instantly that she was innocent and that the two mall cops were fakes.

He could even hear them talking to each other without their lips really moving. He could even see in his mind the place where they were trying to bring Julie in order to enslave her against her will.

He even had images of the sexy Julie naked in front of her bedroom mirror looking to see if she had gained weight in the previous few days.

He suddenly was aware of a mysterious organisation called “The Enclave” and he was drawn to them mysteriously.

All of that, before Julie even finished apologizing for bumping into him.

Phil is a future serial imagined back in 2004 or 2005 which involves telepathy, mind-control and conspiracy. Oh, and naked young women forced into slavery without even realizing they are being mind controlled.

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