POV Story Introduction

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The Point of View (POV) Story isn’t a real serial but rather an assorted series of chapters which show narrative from another series from the point of view of another character and in a different storyline.

In some cases, the alternate POV will be published directly within the main serial, such as the switching narrators of Pets, but in other cases, these will be independent chapters published on Fridays as an alternate to Susanna to introduce a secondary or even tertiary character in a serial.

A clear example of this which I will not use, is the character of Chandler, from Susanna. Chandler is a sexual partner of Susanna between her training at the slave academy and the auction which sold her to slavery for 2 years.

Chandler serves only for Susanna to get some sexual release in the few weeks between the two periods of her life, but if I ever wanted to write a chapter featuring him and why he refers to himself in the third person, I wouldn’t be able to place it in the Susanna storyline.

Characters features in the POV category might get a few chapters on them but will not develop into a full serial: they are support characters who get a unique chance to tell their story.

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