Karen Chapter 7: My turn

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This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Karen

I didn’t move much, letting Karen sleep after the orgasm I had given her, but an hour later, my wife was once again awake and in the mood.

“Oh my, you didn’t get anything. Again. Are you starting to get used to it, chasty? How does it feel?”

“Very frustrating. I can feel my tension rising. I don’t know how long I can stand this.”

She smiled…

“Good. I am happy to hear that. How would you like for a little treat? You might even get an orgasm!”

Awesome I thought! Perhaps she would take the tube off.

But instead, she picked up yet another box and I quickly discovered to my horror that it was a strap-on harness with an assortment of dildos.

“You might wear it sometimes to please me, but tonight, I am giving you a little gift…”, she said, with a grin.

I tried to protest but she asked me to to take it like a man and shut up.

Oddly enough, I was finding her very sexy taking control like this. I was really scared for I knew where that dildo would end up, but at the same time, I felt somewhat excited.

I must say, life with Karen is certainly surprising, and as she was setting up the dildo she selected (the thinnest one) and applying lube on it, I couldn’t help but realize that I was somewhat liking the new twist as Karen was a lot more active sexually than in the past.

“You’ll just have to learn to relax, pretty boy. Your ass is mine, get used to it.”

She moved me on my side, and applied a little lube on my rectum.

“Eventually, you’ll learn to accept my dicks without lube, but I’m helping you for now”.

Gently, she pushed the tip of the dildo against my rectum and slowly pushed in. I admit, I tensed up instantly, but she stopped moving and began playing with my hair, while pushing her wonderful breasts against my back.

With her other hand, she gabbed my metal cage. “See, your little clity likes it when I sodomize you. Just let it go… relax. The sooner you accept your fate, the better it will be.”

That’s easy to do… still, I thought about other things, like my dick inside her wet vagina just 24 hours ago, or my hands pilfering her clothes to strip her naked.

It worked. Soon enough, my muscles were relaxed and Karen managed to glide easily in and out, providing welcomed waves of pleasure.

“You know that the man’s g-spot is in his ass, right? With pegging, I might be able to bring you to higher levels of pleasure if I wanted to”

I could feel what she meant. Slowly, her moves were increasing my pleasure and the pressure toward an orgasm. I wondered what would happen since I didn’t have an erection despite my dick pushing against the walls of its metal prison, but I didn’t care.

I didn’t feel conflicted anymore against receiving anal sex. This wasn’t gay sex, this was my very sexy and feminine naked wife giving me pleasure.

And pleasure, it was. Sure, I wasn’t on the verge of an orgasm yet, but I was getting close to it. I didn’t know how an anal orgasm felt compare to traditional ejaculation, but perhaps I’d learn to live with it.

“Are you getting close, slave boy?”

I nodded and soon enough, I was breathing heavily. I had lost tract of time. It felt as thought it was much longer than our usual penetrations and perhaps the longer ramp up would help with a bigger orgasm.

Speaking of which, I could feel it getting closer. Perhaps it was all of the pent up tension from 24 hours of chastity, perhaps it was just easy for me to climax anally or perhaps I had just lost track of time, but I could almost see the edge of the rift.

And, suddenly, Karen pulled out.

“Woah, calm down little one. I guess you got pretty close. Good for you. Isn’t that a great gift or what?”

“But, I was close to orgasm!”

“Yes, that’s why I pulled out. From now on, orgasms are for me, not for you… Don’t you get that? It’s not your dick that locked up. It’s you. All of you… you belong to me now.”

Oh shit…


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