Karen Chapter 6: 24 hours in

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This entry is part 6 of 8 in the series Karen

I nervously drove home from work. I had no idea what my evening would entail, but I quickly noticed that all of the blinds and drapes were closed…

Without much surprise, I found my very sexy wife fully naked in the living room when I entered the house. When I say fully naked, I mean, with the exception of the chain around her waist which holds the only tool able to remove the metal prison for my dick.

“Did you have a nice day at work?”, Karen asked, as she approached me, kissed me and held me in her arms.

“Yes, very frustrating though…”

“Well, not for me! I masturbated twice, very sensationally I must say, to the picture you sent me. But now’s not the time for that. Let’s eat! I am very hungry…”

And so, we had pleasant meal. It wasn’t the first meal Karen and I shared while she was naked, but usually, I was too…

We talked about work, about life, about television shows, everything but sex, the chastity device or the fact that she was nude. We kept talking even after we were done eating.

It was rather a pleasant meal and I certainly enjoyed the view, but it was disappointing that my little flag pole couldn’t rise to the occasion.

Suddenly, out of the blue, she interrupted me saying: “It’s 6h17 honey… do you know what it means?”

“Not really…”, I replied, wondering.

“You’ve now lasted 24 hours in a row in that thing! It’s time to celebrate! Let’s get in bed and have fun…”

She pulled my hand and dragged me to our bedroom where she helped me undress.

Soon enough, we were both naked, if you ignore the newest gifts…

We cuddled and kissed and I quickly discovered that Karen was touching my body a lot more often than in the past. It was as if locking my dick had opened the rest of the playground to her touch. I discovered that I did enjoy being caressed on my body, something I must admit, most men don’t care about.

It’s as if women used perhaps 80% of their bodies during sex while men only used one part.

Soon enough, the sleeve was retrieved and rolled over my tube and seconds later, Karen and I were fucking my bunnies.

This time, it was even easier for me as I was getting the hang of it.

Even thought I couldn’t feel anything from inside of her directly, I could deduct my position rather easily and find a good rhythm.

I hated not feeling anything but I rather liked that I wasn’t stressed at all about when I would come compared to Karen and whether I was sexually satisfying her or not.

After a few minutes, Karen turned around and begged me to use the other entrance… if you remember, I told you that Karen loves anal sex and this was my queue to try the sleeve on her.

I was torn in my mind, did I want to please her or did I want this to fail miserably so that she wouldn’t have a choice but to free me from my prison?

I slowly and delicately guided the tip of the sleeve against her back entrance, slowly pushing it opened. I gently pressed to glide between the circular ring and slowly entered deeper than I had ever been, thanks to the added length of the sleeve.

Karen on the other hand, was floating! She kept repeating how deep and firm I was and slowly losing holds over reality.

After a few minutes by her side, she slowly turned and forced me to roll over her so that I would lay on top of her as I rocked my hips to please her.

I could feel her fingers under her caressing her solitary clitoris as her lust increased.

As she began to moan, she tried to rock her own hips to increase my movement and even grabbed my arm with her left hand to pull me deeper inside of her.

Normally, when she climaxes anally, I can feel the grip of her rectum tightening on my phallus but this time, I only felt the contractions in the rest of her body as she relaxed it post-orgasmically.

I dismounted, removed the sleeve and made a note to perform a deep cleaning on it.

I noticed that Karen was shaking a little and I decided to cuddle her as she was almost falling asleep.

I took a look at the clock, and it was only 7h22 pm…


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