POV Chapter 4: Harmony, Original Intro

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This is the original introduction to the Story Harmony, from 2006. I thought it might be of interest because it’s not that bad on it’s own, but it forms a completely different story.

In this version of Harmony, the college on Mars is isolated and students are very sexual much to her dismay. Many, both males and females, decide not to wear clothes but unlike on Sigma 8, it’s for obvious sexual reasons. Some of the students wear lingerie in class and teachers don’t bother to correct them. In fact, many join in the fun and have sexual relations with their students in exchange for better grades.

Harmony starts as a recluse sexually repressed woman scared of penises and penetration and because a liberated lesbian orgy enthusiast who also prefers not to wear clothes for faster sexual activities.

The story changed a lot, but the underlying plot remains basically the same: Harmony leaves a sheltered life to become a woman using sex to get emancipated and find allies to find her place into the world.

Enough introduction, let’s go on with the story…

Harmony, Original Prologue from 2006

Being a teenage student sucks and always did, regardless of the era. Living on campus far away from your parents is always worse. Regardless, I am still convinced I am one of the unhappiest sixteen year old girls of the history of mankind.

My parent operate one of the last family owned vineyards in California, making them rich enough to do what they want, including sending me to the so-called best college prep school in the Universe: The Omicron-Mu academy.

I wouldn’t even have minded going to the Moscow orthodox covenant for future wives, despite their ultra religious and conservative education. After all, Moscow is only 2 hours from Los Angeles, right?

Even the Perth Wicca College, in Australia, with its liberal teaching, useless diplomas and supposedly perverted education system could have been nice despite its sexual undertone.

No, they had to ship me to Mars, in one of the isolated domes in the middle of nowhere. At least, they didn’t send to me to the Karmino-8 mining school, which is located in the asteroid belt!

Like Earth, Mars is divided into parallels and meridians, except that some bozo decided to name them according to the Greek Alphabet. The Mu parallel is just north of the equator, as far as possible from the polar ice caps, and from almost every other settlement.

Mars is not inhabitable. Several science fiction movies claim we can terra-form it, to provide it an atmosphere, but we have enough problems already replenishing the air supply of the various tiny settlements, to start wondering about the entire surface.

Fortunately, a vast number of network of subterranean caves were discovered. A lot of them are impermeable, which allows creating artificial air pockets housing several vegetables planted to recycle the air of the living quarters located usually in a dome constructed on top of the cave system.

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