POV Chapter 3: PKOP Evening News

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“We have the pleasure of receiving the new chief inspector for servitude regulation, Mr. Jake Farelli”

“Hello Laura”

“Can you tell us a little about your new position, Mr. Farelli ?”

“Sure. As you know, the ministry of human resources oversees all servitude contracts and establish the corps of servitude inspectors to ensure that servants follow regulations. Recently however, following a few well publicized abuse cases toward servants, the ministry decided to appoint me to ensure that all servants are treated as required by law”

“Do you mean to tell me that so far, there wasn’t a single person as the ministry to ensure that our kids, while performing their servitude term, wouldn’t be abused ?”

“Indeed. The position of the ministry has always been that abuses of a legal servant are criminal offenses best left to the care of the police, including its very qualified department of servitude affairs. The DSA alone has a very high effectiveness ratio and is one of the best funded police departments thanks to the auction taxes.”

“So, you will be in charge of coordinating the DSA ?”

“No Laura. You see, one of the major complaints against the ministry of human resources is that the police is only able to intervene against criminal offenses and only after they are committed. Sure, they have personnel doing preventive work but they do not have access to the ministry files unless a warrant has been filled. That’s why servant monitoring was always left in the hands of the more specialized inspectors of the ministry such as myself, up to a few weeks ago.

My new position allows me to coordinate with various individuals who are suspected of being negligent owners or to protect certain servants with unique personal concerns”

“Like what ?”

“We have some servants with food allergies or special medical needs. In the past, the information was simply appended to the contract and the ministry hoped the owners would understand. Now, me or my employees will be able to visit the owners, possibly with a doctor to explain the situation and make sure it is clear that we will not tolerate any abuses on that level, something the police would be unable to do”

“What about the more serious abuse cases like the Hickins family ?”

“The Hickins were arrested after a police investigation. I am not sure if in this specific case, my office would have been able to do something about it. However, if someone had noticed that the Hickins’ first servant had died in a mysterious accident, perhaps we would have been able to ban them from future purchases and 2 of the 3 innocent girls would have been saved.”

“But it’s not possible to ban a person from ownership, isn’t that right ?”

“Indeed, and as you know, the abolitionists in congress will block any new legislation even those meant to improve the safety of servants in fear that it would weaken their position. However, we have made a deal with the various regional auction houses to allow us to ban access to certain individuals. Already, in the first 2 days in office, my employees have blocked over 50 different individuals from access and we are reviewing other cases”

“That’s a lot. Isn’t that an argument in favor of the abolitionists ?”

“You have to understand that in many of those cases, the abuses were trivial and non criminal in nature. One of the first individuals we blocked for example was already banned by more auction houses because he has a history of claiming all of his servants to be unfit after a few weeks in order to get a refund. His abuses are not criminal in nature but imagine the damage done do those poor kids who end up on the secondary market simply because of person who abuses the system ?”

“Will you clean up the secondary markets and the holding houses ?”

“It’s not within my duty to inspect the secondary markets. So far, most of the critics about them was that girls ended up on it unfairly because of abuses by the winner of their auctions. By eliminating these shady individuals, we will greatly diminish the abuses and the secondary markets will be less controversial. Will it solve all of the problems ? Certainly not, but at least, the number of servants ending in the secondary market should lower drastically. As for the holding houses, I will personally inspect all of the holding houses in the capital on at least a monthly basis during surprise visits and talk to each of the individual servants to ensure they are treated fairly”

“Why only in the capital ?”

“Because my jurisdiction only extends to the capital region for the moment, where most of the abuses are committed.”

“Will other inspectors be nominated for the other regions ?”

“You will need to speak to the ministry about that”

“How do you respond to the critics who say that class S slave are involved in 87% of the criminal cases despite constituting only 2.3% of the servant population ?”

“First of all, it’s not 87% of the criminal cases, it’s 87% of the complaints. Class S servants are also the single most class most susceptible to make a false complaint in order to get out of working. The police estimates that 58% of the Class S complaints are frivolous and another 23% are unjustified. I agree, that leaves 19% of valid complaints, but if you only take those 19% into account, the Class S servants only accounts for 17% of the complaints. It’s still too high, but that’s what my office will try to fix.

Also, as you know, the government doesn’t want to reduce the number of class S slaves because they bring more than 40% of the tax revenues of the servitude program and the abolitionists do not want to remove the class either because it is the single more controversial part of the program on which, as you know, they run their campaign.

The only thing we can do in my department is to educate owners on their obligations, educate the servants on how to protect themselves from abuse and ensure that holding houses follow the rules. After all, they are responsible for roughly 40% of the valid complaints and yet, concern less than 2% of the class S servants.

Of course, many of the complains are actually lodged against the same individuals by different servants. Our new auction house ban program will help keep these unfitting owners out of the market for the protection of our youth”

“One last question Mr. Farelli, which class were you ?”

“As you know Laura, it is illegal to ask questions about another’s person servitude contract”

“Since you will be looking out for our youths, I believe that this question is valid. You are answerable to the public after all.”

“I agree. I was a class M and did my time working hard for the ministry of agriculture to protect our border regions from terrorism. It wasn’t a vanity servitude. I earned my current position through hard work and a strong sense of ethics. If anything, I made enemies in the ministry of human resources by refusing the politically correct way”

“And yet, you are now the chief inspector for servitude regulation”

“Times are changing. The struggle between the government and the abolitionists is not longer as polarized as in the past. Public opinion now demands more protection for their kids so I was the best choice because I do not care about politics. I am not here as a mouthpiece for the government. I will actually do my job to the best of my abilities to ensure the safety of every servant. I will make enemies, I will break eggs, but I will get the job done, night and day.”

“Thank you for your time, Mr Farelli”

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