Lizzie Chapter 24: Party On

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When I came out of the shower, I found Stephanie sitting in the shower cabin, naked.

You see, these communal showers have 2 parts. There is a locked door with a small undressing area in front of the shower so you may store your belongings safely while you are showering with the curtain closed.

Stephanie had followed me in the changing room but I didn’t realize that not only would she still be present when I was done, but that she would have undressed in the mean time.

I had never seen Stephanie naked and seeing how she was getting closer to me and pushing me back into the shower, I was under the distinct impression I wouldn’t just see her naked body.

She turned the water back on without saying a word. After a little adjustments to the temperature, she turned back toward me and began kissing with passion, pressing her breasts against mine.

I remembered she was gay but so far, she hadn’t really expressed a desire for me. Perhaps she was attracted to women in a position of authority and hadn’t seen me in such a light until my graduation.

I mostly reciprocated her moves. She gently rubbed my back, I gently rubbed hers. At the current moment, I wasn’t that interested in having sex, at least, not with her.

My mind was elsewhere… I had just been exposed naked, almost drowned in urine, promoted and degraded. Sex was oddly not on my list.

Perhaps I am really a dominant and not a submissive because doing those things to others turn me on, but receiving the humiliation didn’t.

As you can tell from this entry, even thought our bodies were entwined, my mind miles away.

Eventually, Annie pushed on my head to force me to kneel before her so I could lick her clitoris and I even managed to get fake enthusiasm enough to get her to come but only my imagining that I was doing it to Stephanie, with Tim looking at us.

I guess it wasn’t so much with Tim I was falling in love but perhaps with Stephanie, my red headed salve/goddess.

She didn’t seem to want to be submissive, but at least, she seemed to enjoy having sex with me.

When Stephanie came, she offered to reciprocate to me, but I politely declined, kissing her instead in an attempt to show I wasn’t disappointed.

We got dressed in our ceremonial robes as Stephanie explained that there was a party in my honor without masks, allowing me to meet most of the silver members and some of the gold members.

I followed her nervously and received a standing ovation when I entered the room. Stephanie presented me several of the members and almost all of the girls were extremely nice.

Susan, one of the first silver members who had written on my naked body, admitted she only called me out as being pretentious because she liked the way I stood naked with my breasts raised high. I couldn’t help by notice her pink brooch indicating she preferred women…

Later in the evening, Susan even had the nerve to leave me her phone number.

Wine was served and small appetizers were available on a table in a corner. I noticed a group of Gold members talking and got Stephanie to introduce me. It was the first time I saw the face of our mistress of ceremony, a severe looking senior who didn’t speak in front of me or even acknowledge my presence.

Sadly, they were not introduced to me, leaving their exact identity a secret, but I got to explain my plan about the unpledged boys and their milking.

One of the gold member expressed her doubts about using the keys as a selector, explaining that the keys are supposed to be used in a personal matter by a mistress and not this way.

“I’ll find another way to select the man”

“I also think that having just one of the toys doing the milking is giving too much importance to a single one of them”

I thought about it and proposed instead to split the boys in two groups.

“The first group would milk the second one, and then themselves divide into two groups to repeat until only one toy is left.”

Many of the gold members nodded in a approval. One of the girls added, “Make him swallow.”

I asked for clarification: “The one who wins?”

“Yes, make him swallow. Otherwise, it’s wasted seed and too much of an honor. In our mythology, the sperm from the milking isn’t a seed, but sperm from masturbation is and that’s why we don’t allow them to masturbate. If you let him masturbate and spoil his seed, then you are going against our dogma.”

“I will do as you wish, mistress”

“I am not your mistress. When a silver member talks to a gold member, they use the term honored sister.”

“Thank you for the information, honored sister”

Another one of the golden members simply added, as if to close the discussion.

“We are indeed honored to have such an eager sister within our ranks. You will get far, Lizzie. We are watching you closely with excitement.”

I thanked them and withdrew, leaving them to their discussion but Stephanie was visibly thrilled.

“Lizzie, the gold members rarely express such thoughts. You clearly are going somewhere…”

We hugged and I socialized some more before leaving home, but my night had turned out much better than expected.

When I got back in my room, Kylie was fortunately sound asleep. I really wasn’t in the mood to continue our previous talk about her parents and yet, I wasn’t really ready for bed.

Still, I tossed and turned naked in bed until I finally find some sleep. I didn’t usually sleep naked in my dorm room, but I really didn’t want to awaken Kylie while searching for something to wear.

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