Susanna Chapter 40: Epilogue

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At the hospital, I was well treated. They removed my stitches without even asking me about it. I even got to see my family, who learned about my heroism. Of course, I didn’t tell them much, and officially, Simon was my master and boyfriend, not Dorothy. But overall, I was well treated.

They did discover the method used to brain wash. It involved a few drugs and some other complex technique. It is indeed impossible to reverse, so I will never be able to fully get my free will back. I will always remain a devoted sex toy but at least, the brain washing makes me love it.

The Academies were seized by the government and some modifications in the law were made. First of all, my story made it on film, but it was reserved for those 20 or more. The sex part with Dorothy didn’t make it since we never told anyone about it.

On the other hand, Simon’s mother did end up in jail for killing Felicia and for torturing and trying to kill me.

Jeff’s father was the only auction owner that didn’t do any prison time, since he cooperated with the Secret Services. A huge inquiry is still in progress, but, according to Mr. Grout, slavery will survive, despite the fact that this controversy modified the public opinion a little. The academies will be nationalized and managed by the government.

Simon’s father managed to leave the country with part of his fortune, but he was arrested and sent to jail for slavery, which is illegal in his new country. They have rules which permit them to sue and imprison our slave traders even if they just visit them. I guess he badly chose his new home.

I was offered to be liberated before my term, but I refused. Instead, my property was transferred to Dorothy, and I even signed a renewable 5 year contract (the maximum) to her free of charge, provided she dominated me. I now form a trio with her and Simon. They both went to college as planned, and during their study hours, Dorothy sends me at my request to a sado-masochism club were I am more than pleased to go serve at scenes.

Dorothy and Simon got married, but in reality, I am the one who got married to Dorothy, since we are deeply in love with each other. Simon is still dominated from time to time by Dorothy, and she even makes him wear his chastity belt, sometimes for weeks, while he can just watch her have sex with me, this time with her truly licking me.

My Brother became a Class L slave, but Jeff’s father bought him on my suggestion and have him work only a few hours a day at the slave auction. Speaking of my family, I never did take my money and instead gave it to my parents, so that they may live relatively rich themselves. Gradually, Dorothy and I started to visit them from time to time and even my mother eventually accepted my new living arrangement.

Since I brought Jeff’s name up, he finally married Katryn, and they are both living a happy life, at least, I think so. Katryn never wanted to see me again: she was too ashamed of what she did to me, but Jeff said she was truly sorry. Last I heard, they are having a kid. Jeff is now assistant director of the slave auction of his father and makes a lot of money.

I discovered that Dorothy’s parents were rich and that her engagement with Simon had been originally arranged by Simon’s mother. With her parent’s money, and part of the money Simon managed to get from the fortune his father left behind, we are living quite comfortably. The manor had been seized by the government, but the process of the sale went to Simon, with which he bought a huge house with a master bedroom on its own floor, flanked by my room just beneath it with a private staircase joining the two. But I rarely use my bed. In fact, Simon sleeps more often in it than I do, since Dorothy is much closer to me.

Recently, I discovered I was good at painting, and some of my paintings are being bought by rich people, adding to my own personal fortune. But why would I need one? My wife and mistress is rich, and so is her husband.

Now, Dorothy is talking about having Simon make us both pregnant at the same time after her studies, but that’s another story…

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