Susanna Chapter 39: Escape

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“Wake up ! Breathe, Fight Susanna ! You can do it…”

I was slowly regaining conscience. Simon was yelling to wake me up while Mr. Grout was performing mouth to mouth resuscitation on me.

I threw out some water, and tried to talk. My throat was really hurting.

Mr Grout started talking:

“Don’t talk yet. You were drowning. We saved you. Simon ran to his room to drop from his balcony to this one, while I hid behind the door to wait for his father to leave. But he didn’t. We have no idea were he went. Simon was on the balcony, I was at the door.”

“The stairs”

“Which stairs ?”

“The middle door…”

“What are you talking about…”

I tried to stand up, but finally needed their help.

I reclaimed the keys and unlocked the middle door. Mr. Grout went first, followed by Simon with me closing the walk.

We walked the dark long corridor, which was at least a kilometer long. We emerged in the sewer system, or more correctly in the maintenance tunnel of the rain collection system.

“He could be anywhere by now. The water system is a long maze that reaches to the city. I guess we will have to order a search. Meanwhile, you two go to the hospital and Simon, please protect her. Your father has a lot of connections. Here, on this card is the number of my superior. He will send you an escort.”

We walked back to Simon’s room in silence so I could get things for the stay at the hospital.

When the secret agent left us, I thanked him one last time.

“Thanks Mr. Grout for saving me.”

“No thank you Susanna for saving all the future slaves who will not be brainwashed.”

As soon as he had left, Dorothy came by my side and hugged me, telling me she was proud of me. Simon was still standing silent next to her, half in shock from the turn of events.

“Most of the academy owners were arrested already based on the files retrieved. My father is in the lot, but as far as I know, he isn’t involved in any of this. It’s still too early to know what else is happening, but I wanted to tell you that I am proud of you. I won’t see you for a few days, I will have to be by my father’s side, but Simon will take care of you. I will be back. I love you Susanna and I don’t know what I could do without you. Get well, rest and soon we will reunite”.

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