Susanna Chapter 5: The Cherry

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This entry is part 5 of 40 in the series Susanna

I can’t say I really slept well that night. I tossed and turned until I decided to take matters in my own hands.

I masturbated like I used to, but instead of stopping after a few orgasms, I continued until I feel asleep out of exhaustion.

I woke up refreshed and with a mission. Before going to bed tonight, I needed to lose my virginity.

I ate breakfast in a hurry and ran toward the nearest pharmacy. I knew they didn’t have Prevar injections on sale, only doctors could prescribe them, but the pill would do. I checked the instructions on the box to ensure it would be safe.

I knew that Prevar injections prevented both all STDs and the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. I also knew that short term pill existed, but I needed to know more about them.

In order for the pill to be effective, both partners had to take it. The woman’s injection was strong enough to protect both partners but the pill needed both of them to ingest it.

The woman needed to take a first dose 8 to 12 hours prior to the relation and a second dose, with the man, at least an hour prior to getting physical.

Both partners would need to take another pill the next morning to prevent STDs and I would need an additional two doses to prevent a pregnancy.

That meant taking 7 pills in total for the relation. Before reading, I had found it odd that the smallest boxes had 5 pink pills and 2 blue pills, but now I knew why.

At home, I opened the box and discovered that not all of the pink pills were the same. Three of them, the first one and the last two, where a lighter shade of pink and were simply a contraceptive. The other two were a darker shade and served also as an anti-STD pill.

The two blue ones however, were identical.  I thought it was way too complex just to have sex and understood why so many woman simply took the shots.

After taking my first dose, I hid the box to prevent accidental discovery by my parents. I spend most of the afternoon hesitating on what to wear. I changed clothes several times while looking at myself in the mirror.

I knew however, that I had to pass inspection before leaving the house so I ended up wearing a skirt with pantyhose and a white blouse.

That way, I could easily just remove the pantyhose after leaving…

I put the two blue pills and my own pink pill in a little bag at the bottom of my purse. I even put paper tissues in the bag so it would look innocuous.

After confirming with Eric that he was waiting for me, I left as quickly as possible to evade an interrogation from my parents. I still had to say if I was eating supper at home and if I planned to stay out late but the latter question was answered as I was leaving the house.

The walk to Eric’s house was short enough. He had proposed to pick me up but that would have brought too many questions from the parental unit so I just declared I liked to walk.

It wasn’t completely a lie. I simply preferred to walk than to be caught by my parents. Afterwards, they could punish me, I didn’t care. I would have done my homework.

Eric was happy to see me. We immediately went up to his room with little introduction to his family. They knew me already anyway from the few times I had come over for school help.

Once in his room, I realized that I had forgotten to actually remove my pantyhose but his parents had seen me wearing them, forcing me to keep them on.

Eric didn’t seem to mind. He was just as excited as a young boy about to open his birthday presents. We didn’t need to talk before kissing. This time, both of us moved forward and within minutes we were laying on the bed with our hands under our partner’s clothes.

I felt desired and loved. I felt both in control and controlled. It was definitely something I was deeply enjoying despite the low intensity of the actual sexual pleasure. Many of my friends found sex disgusting but I felt alive when we were touching each other.

We were called down for supper before any clothes were actually removed. My skirt had been lifted and Eric’s finger had penetrated me but this was still all foreplay. I hadn’t closed the deal yet.

We calmed down a few minutes and we joined his family after a little trip to the bathroom to straighten up and take our respective pill.

I learned during supper that Eric had an older sister currently serving her term as a D slave but that her owners were nice enough to give her time with her family when they were on vacation.

In a way, they had the same family as mine: an older daughter and a younger son, but in their case they had decided to be a lot more tolerant of what their kids did.

I realized that they understood we were dating when they reminisced about their own younger days. They even mentioned that since the arrival of Prevar, people should calm down with sexual experimenting from teenagers since it was now 100% safe.

Supper itself was delicious, but I hadn’t really come to eat. My dessert would be shared privately with Eric after supper, if things could simply move along !

Finally, we were excused from the table and couldn’t run fast enough back to his room.

This time, we didn’t waste any second. I am not sure the door was fully closed when we both were finally naked in each other’s arms on the bed.

Eric wasn’t yet fully erect, but my mouth helped it harden. I had been wet before supper but meeting his parents had dried me a lot.

Still, I applied enough saliva on his erect cock to allow him to gently enter my previously forbidden castle.

There was a lot of friction as first, giving the impression that my inner wall was like sandpaper but our embrace let me easily relax enough to get the juice flowing.

I had been anxious because girls are supposed to bleed the first time. I realized that having masturbated by the insertion of pens and other various instruments since I was an early teenager, I must have gently destroyed my hymen years ago.

The sensation was slowly building up and increasing my pleasure until I became sure that indeed, I would orgasm tonight and that it would be vastly superior to those I had given myself. I gently let the sensation roll over my body in order to submit to it.

Eric was evidently having just as much fun and even seemed to lose his breath until I realized that this was his orgasm after he pulled out. I would have thought that I would have felt his sperm explode violently in me but sadly, I missed all of the fun. It was, in one word, a disappointment.

Eric kissed me and rolled next to me. It was clear he was done as his penis was getting limber, still glistening from my natural lubricant.

Slowly, I could feel some of the sperm leaving my vagina. It was just as sticky as when I swallowed it but I didn’t care so much. I took a paper tissue next to his bed mostly to avoid soiling his sheets.

I considered masturbating to finish the job but I realized I might not get the chance in the future and I didn’t want to make Eric feel inadequate. I still had the rest of the night in my bed to climax: I had done what I had came to do.

I thanked my lover and cuddled him a few minutes before dressing back up. He looked at me putting my clothes on but soon realized that I was leaving and hurried up to put on his own clothes.

Once we went down stairs I also thanked his family for the nice supper and walked back to my house with holding Eric’s arm. I kissed him one last time on the sidewalk in front of my house.

As I was walking to my front door, I realized I was finally ready to enter the Atkinson Slave Academy. I had popped my cherry. I had become a woman. All I needed now, was official training so I could become a proper sex slave open to everyone and everything.

[Please note that the next Chapter (#6) will occur after Susanna’s month of training at the Atkinson Slave Academy. If you want to know what happens during her month of training, look out in the future for the Slave Academy serial.]

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    The OTHER two were a darker shade… (repeated use of “last” made the sentence confusing)

    It was just AS sticky as when…

  2. The Author Says:

    > (repeated use of “last” made the sentence confusing)

    You have no idea how often I rewrote those paragraphs. Thank you for helping me making it clearer.

  3. What is Prevar exactly ? | NSFW Author Says:

    […] condoms which is why the idea of pills that both man and woman take appears in the episode “The Cherry“, actually written only in July 2010 despite having notes about it since the spring of […]

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