What happened to Lindsey ?

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Sometimes, you get a great idea in your mind but when you start writing it, you realize you’ve hit a dead-end.

As such, I would like to publicly offer my apologies for the 3 part story of Lindsey called, “Garden of Eden”, “Adam and Eve” and “The Forbidden Fruit”.

I had clear ideas on where to take this story but once on paper none of them made any sense.

The second chapter was just painful to write, but I still hoped to get to a great conclusion. Sadly, I still don’t think I have it.

If you have been turned off completely by this series, I can understand you. I just hope you’ll stay for my other series long enough for me to publish more interesting Lindsey chapters.

That is the peril of serialization on the web: once a chapter is published, it is live. I can make grammatical corrections, but I can’t simply get rid of a badly written introduction, I need to move forward and finish a story.

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