Susanna Chapter 11: Interviews

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I waited in the room, until prospective customer came in. The first one simply checked me out, touching my breasts, sliding his fingers inside me and he even took out a dildo he inserted in my ass to test, I presume my anal capabilities. He left without saying a word.

I lost count of the half a dozen men who came after him. Most simply touched me, but two asked for fellatio and one for full sexual intercourse. The worst one simply made me kneel in front of him and asked me to drink his urine as he peed on me, while making sure I was soaking wet. I think I got them hooked, but I guess I will see that later.

After I got the right to quick shower, I was sent to another room where Alicia, my trainer from Atkinson Academy came in. I had to resist the urge to say anything.

“Slave, on your knees, honor your mistress, kiss her feet”

I did so.

“Lay on the bed”

She joined me. While playing with my hair, she murmured

“The academy has asked me to offer up to 400,000$ for you. That would mean 180,000$ in your pocket!”

I widened my eyes

“You would be a teacher during the day, and my slave during the night, would you like that?”

“Yes Mistress”

“I missed that voice for so long… I am glad I paid the 10,000$ to see you… It was worth it”

She started kissing me. She caressed my whole body while asking me to caress hers. We made love like we used to when I was her pupil. But now, it was different. Her touch was really calming me down: She gave me a kind of power which I knew would help me go through the auction.

We soon switched in a 69 position, with me on the top, doing most of the work. I frantically licked her pussy while knowing full well that Alicia was not only absorbing my own bodily fluids but also the sperm of my previous sexual partner.

That only increased my own sex drive as it reminded me I was just a sexual object, like I had dreamed up for the past few months.

Alicia came first but she had trained me well to come on demand and I let my brain follow her own pleasure. We finished our session by resuming our kiss which did also taste like my previous partner.

A few minutes after we had both climaxed, my seller came in, and thanked Alicia. He offered her a good place in his box for the auction and brought her to the door.
When we where alone, he started applauding me.

“That was incredible! All the guys were watching, you should have seen their eyes! Hey, did you know it was one of the best shows that ever occurred here? Fuck! I think I will lose the sale on the poor other girl, you are simply incredible! Some of the guys where trying to convince the others to back off to reduce the competition, but none wanted! I am closing the gallery, everyone was impressed. Here are some clothes; I will bring you to the waiting room.”

The clothes where actually white lingerie. It seemed quite expensive.

In the waiting room, there were four other persons, a blond girl, wearing sexy lingerie a little like mine, which I assumed to be S1, and two very muscled-guys.

The two guys where talking to each other and the girl was sitting alone in a corner.

I sat down next to her.

“Hi, you must be the other Class S on sale”

“Yes, then I guess you are the S2 girl everyone wants”
“I guess so”

“Fuck, why did you have to be born the same day as I, now, no one is going to want to buy me, and my dad is going to die”

“What do you mean?”

“My dad has a fatal decease and need around 100,000$ to be cured. I figured that by becoming a class S, I would get a lot of money, maybe even the 100,000$, but with you around, no-one is going to buy me”

“Hey, I start at 350,000$, those who won’t buy me will bid for you”

“No they won’t, you come after me.”

“Wait a sec, I have an idea”

I called for our seller and told him:

“Could you do me a favor master?”

“Depends. What do you want?”

“You know the girl I slept with?”


“She is going to offer up to 400,000$ dollars for me… could you tell those who wanted to bid for me that don’t have that money to bid of the other girl… her dad is sick and she needs the money”

“Listen, I don’t care about her dad, but the more she makes, the more I make… so I’ll talk to them. Are you sure for the 400,000$ dollars?”


“Great, because if you don’t make 400,000$, I’ll buy you myself and make you suffer, is that clear?”

“Yes Master”

I came back to the other girl

“Listen, I think I manage something, let’s pray it will be enough. Meanwhile let’s discuss something.”

I tried to give her a crash-course on doing a strip-tease and impressing people, in order to increase her appeal. We’ll see what it will mean on her price.

The seller was impressed by the courses I was giving so when the last guy was called, the seller came to talk to me.

“Three of your bidders who didn’t have 400 grand agreed to bid on S1 if I transferred the deposit on her instead. They were willing to pay the 350 grand for you, so they have the money to raise her price. I don’t know if it will be enough for her dad, but that’s a start. I will give the 6 grands for these 3 deposits to her, not to you. Just remember, if you get below 400 grand, you are dead meat”

Olivia (S1) was thrilled. “My father already has around 20,000$ down, so, with the 6000$ deposit, I only need to sell at 148,000$! How can I thank you?”

“By saving your father”

It was soon her turn. We had turned on the TV showing the action. The last guys was awarded for 28,000$ as a body guard.

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