Pat Chapter 3: Dialogue with Hugo

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As is often the case, Diane quickly slid toward me, moving from one bar stool to another.

On those occasion, she would never actually stand up and walk to me and instead, shifted to the next bar stool, waited a little, and shifted one more.

Did she honestly think that I didn’t see through her little game?

Please note that I am using the feminine gender in my journal, but I don’t consider her a woman, quite the contrary. Diane is a transvestite, a man who enjoys dressing up as a girl for sexual pleasure, just like Jennifer.

The difference between Diane and Jennifer, is that Jennifer doesn’t hide that he is actually a man playing the role of a woman. He is a self-admitted sissie.

Diane on the other hand, likes to act in the club as if being a woman was her lifestyle, but she only dresses feminine in a BDSM setting, whereas I live my life as woman: at home, at the club, at my job.

I can appreciate Jennifer, but Diane’s hypocrisy is, in my opinion, hurting the transgender community.

Just 3 more bar stools and I would be locked in repeat of multiple past long conversations with her about sticking together and standing up for “our rights”.

I wanted to run away, but where? There is only one bar, and sitting on one of the sofas would only make things worse.

That’s when Hugo pushed and sat on the bar stool directly to the my left, blocking Diane’s path.

“You know Patricia, you fascinate me. I can’t stop thinking about¬†you.”

“What’s up with you Hugo, tonight?”

“I think I am tired of being alone. I think I am falling for you, Patricia”

“First, I am already married. And second, we are both submissive”

“Let me correct you madam, first of all, you are married to an homosexual man, but you are no longer yourself a man. Does he really accept you as you are right now? I’ve known you too for years now, and it seems to me that he is less and less affectionate with you. You too used to be the most sexual couple in here, and now, he seems less in the mood.”

That was perhaps a good point. Maybe I had it the other way around. Maybe it wasn’t that my husband thought that I loved him less as a women, maybe it was him who ¬†loved me less as one.

Hugo continued. “I just want you to know, if things go south, I am here for you. Unlike him, I fully accept you, as a woman who decided to keep part of her past. I like that about you. It makes you unique. ”

I sighed. That guy could not let go…

“Still, you are a submissive, like me…”

“Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong! I am not submissive, I am a switch.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked him.

“Well, I enjoy both sides of the scene. I love being dominant, but only with someone I know, understand and feel close to. For me, the act of dominating someone is too personal to establish a relationship for a single evening. To dominate someone, I need to find out what makes them tick, what they need to overcome their problems, it’s a long term relationship or at least, if not long-term, it’s certainly longer than a single evening can offer. So, when I go in public and I am alone, I am submissive. For me, being submissive is easy, I just yield to whatever turns on the dominant I am with and do what I am told. But playing the master… that’s way more complicated than most people understand!”

Oh my God, Hugo had a point… did my husband really bother to ask me what I want now? There was a major change in our lives when I began my transition, and I don’t think that once he really bothered to ask me what I wanted.

Hugo seemed to have picked up on my mood. “What’s wrong honey? Don’t tell me there’s trouble in paradise? I didn’t mean to criticize your marriage you know… just because I feel that way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. You too are great together, you love each other, you have tons of fun with one another!”

But did we?


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