Pat Chapter 5: Another fight

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After our scene, my husband and I idly sat at the bar, in theory to do some chit-chat, but it wasn’t long that we had decided to come back home.

In case you are wondering why we arrived separately¬†and yet come back together, it’s because my husband’s job is only a few minutes walk from the dungeon. To save gas, when we plan to visit the dungeon on the evenings, he takes the bus to work and I bring my¬†car to the dungeon.

The drive was a perfect occasion to confront my tender half about our current runt.

“Honey, can you explain to me why we only always do the same routine?”

“What do you mean?”, he replied, but not in a curious way but more with an accusatory tone.

“Well, we used to do a lot more variety in our sex play, both in the dungeon and at home.”

“Hey, you’re the one who encased his dick into a cold plastic thing”, he snapped back.

This wasn’t a discussion anymore. It was already turning into a fight… Knowing my husband, this meant there was something under the surface.

“Yeah, don’t remember what the estrogen and testosterone pills were doing anyway? It was really complicated to even get an erection and they weren’t as strong or long as in the past.”

“And you wonder why I only sodomizes you…”, he replied, very sarcastically.

“I don’t get it. Even without my dick in play, I can perform oral sex, I can even do anal-oral stimulation. You know I like that. We can caress our bodies. You don’t even play with my hair anymore!”

“Pat, don’t you think it’s normal?”, he added, after a few seconds lost in deep thoughts.

“What do you mean, normal?”

“I am gay. I am not bisexual. I like dicks. They get hard when their owner is excited, and stay limp when they are not. You know on which foot to dance with a dick. Same with a guy. Guys are direct, clear, they don’t have mood swings, they don’t need constant care. Don’t you remember in the beginning? We could play a video game naked, have a loser suck the dick of the winner, then eat pizza on the couch and finish having sex in the bath. Don’t you miss those days?”

He was really taking me by surprise, this was deep resentment and not something he usually shared.

“But we can still do all of this! Ok, you can’t suck my dick anymore, but the rest, we can. I didn’t turn into a bitch complaining about stains. We eat pizza on the couch all of the time, and we still play video games. I tried to give you a blow job in the living room no later than last week-end and you said you were tired!”

Now, the tone was rather high, and we were about to become out of road. I date it when a fight changes venues…

“I don’t want a blow job from you anymore. It’s not the same.”

“What do you mean? It’s the same fucking mouth that blew you hundreds of time”, I said, a little hurt.

“Yeah, it’s everything around it. You’ve got girl hair, and now, breasts. You wear dresses and skirts, and a fucking bra. I. Am. Gay. Is that so hard to understand? I fuck you from behind because that’s the only part of you that still looks more or less like the man you used to be. You keep saying to everyone you are keeping your dick because it’s a memory of where you are from, well guess what, for me too it’s just a memory. It’s like stupid straight couple’s wedding cake kept in the freezer. Fuck them, and fuck your stupid chastity thing. And you know what, fuck you too, for ruining our marriage.”

Wow. I didn’t realize it went that deep.

“I am sorry. This isn’t against you, you know. I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t buy the cage to keep you out, but because it hurt me to be able to respond to your desire. I felt ashamed of my lack of erection, even if deep down, I want to be a girl.”

“Be as sorry as you want, the more feminine you look, the further away I’ll be. And I am not saying that to get you to throw away your dresses or to cut your hair. I’ve never seen you happier. I now know you will never be truly happy as man. I understand that. But don’t expect me to fully accept it. As you friend, I am happy for you. As your husband, I am almost disgusted.”

“Disgusted, really? Wow, why didn’t you say anything sooner?”, I replied.

“And prevent you from growing? Prevent you from being happy, from being you? I’d never force you to stay a man for my sake. But I don’t know how long I can remain your husband, because the person I love, is less and less by my side. You are blooming as a woman. You are sexy, you have guys at your feet. I am sure that most of the straight men would love to play with your breasts, your hair and ironically, the plastic thing would probably reassure them. But I am not a straight man.”

“So were do we go from here?”

That was a the big question, wasn’t it?


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