Pat Chapter 2: Arrival

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The Black Lotus dungeon is where my husband and I have our BDSM fun.

We used to go to an homosexual dungeon, yes, there are specialty gay BDSM dungeons, but with my recent change to become more and more feminine, notably when I began taking hormones and my breasts grew, the other gays began looking at us in a weird way.

I know, in your city, the Gay and Transgender community are probably unified. Apparently, it’s the case almost everywhere. But not here in Baltimore.

Well, that’s not entirely right: there is a LGBT dungeon, but they only meet once a month, and they have some of the strictest rules: no nudity (which I don’t mind), no sexual acts of any sorts (which I do mind), no rope bondage between two person (which I don’t even understand where that’s coming from, especially since other form of bondage between two people is fine, including metal bondage which it a lot more dangerous).

So, we adopted the Black Lotus dungeon.

We go almost every Wednesday and Saturdays. We tend to avoid Fridays which are combined Swinger and BDSM evening even if officially, they are still BDSM nights. My guess is that the owner doesn’t want trouble with the local police, but that swingers still attend.

But, who can really go out on both Friday and Saturday evenings?

Despite being a regular, entering the dungeon always sends butterflies in my stomach. Who would be here tonight? Would Ginger attend? We always have a lot of fun and she pretty much only plays with us. Hugo is often present and while he’s not that much fun, he helps pass the time.

The problem we have is that my husband and I aren’t swingers: we are exclusive sexually, but we love doing BDSM scenes with other people, especially if they can be theatrical like my husband and I often are.

I paid Stephan at the door and asked him if my husband was there, but received a negative as a response.

My wonderful husband is a cook at a famous restaurant downtown. The only advantage he could see to me dressing as a woman was that he didn’t want his colleagues to know that he is gay and that now, when we walk in the street, he isn’t scared of being outed.

Fun isn’t he? I sometimes wonder what I do with him, but only when I sit down alone and think about my life with him, because when he is there, I can’t restrain myself…

I am slowly convincing him that I look enough like a woman to pass for one (in my mind, I am one) and that I could meet his colleagues. At worst, I told him, dating a trans women doesn’t make you gay, it only makes you open-minded.

But every time I bring that subject up, he tenses up and leaves the room.  Regardless of his qualities, I can’t say he has been very supportive of my transition, perhaps he thinks that I will love him less as a woman?

I crossed the drape in the entrance and scanned the room. Robert, the boss, was manning the bar, as always. Diane was once again at the bar. Diane really got on my nerves. Unlike me, she is only a cross-dresser, which is fine… but she never, ever played or did scenes.

The vibe I was getting from her was that she just wanted to show off her female body…

Jake was resting in a corner: he had no picture to take, and Jennifer welcomed me, as usual. I saw Hugo leave the rest room and come to greet me. Good, it wouldn’t be a lost evening.

“Hello Patricia!”, said Hugo as he hugged me, “You are radiant tonight. I love how long your hair is becoming…”

“Hi Hugo”, I said, nonchalantly.

“Oh, wait a second girl, is that a chastity cage or are you just happy to see me?”

Yeah, he can sometimes get on my nerves.

“You know the deal Hugo…”

“Yes I know…. Hey, you missed the trio! There was a new guy, a student, with his two submissive girls! The girls spent most of the evening naked and they even scissored each other. You missed them by what, 30 minutes? It was really hot to watch…”

So new students? That could shake things up…

“You know I am not attracted to girls Hugo…”

“Bah, sex is sex, right? I am not gay but I am still turned on when you and your master have sex on stage. Live a little! Expand your horizons! Say, is your husband coming by later?”

“He should.”

“Good, you know I am available for anything.”

Yes, we know, I thought, but didn’t say.

I went to the bar, opposite of Diane, as I didn’t really want to talk to her and instead, ordered a sprite from Robert.


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