Sue Chapter 16: In Annie's mind

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“What do you mean by next time?”

“Well, I mean the next time I come over and fuck your brain out. I mean, look at you, no orgasm. Doesn’t it feel a little unfair that I got to cum and you didn’t? Perhaps I can help you there…”, she replied, teasing me.

The next few minutes would be crucial.

With any girls, it’s important to DTR, Define the Relationship, before it gets too far.

Some girls, you just want to sleep with once. For them, it’s crucial they don’t sleep in or they might get the wrong impression..

Personally? I hate the one night stand as I am looking to build something more serious.

As such, when a girl enters my bedroom, she is already usually in the second phase: fuck buddy. A girl you have sex with, might spend some time with, but who you don’t date at least, not exclusively.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not mean by that I keep multiple fuck buddies, but some girls have a freeze out delay: you have sex with them after meeting them at a bar and they make you wait a few days or even a few weeks before seeing you again.

Honestly, I do not know if it’s a test of dedication or if they simply call back the best guy of the month for an encore, but from my point of view, I don’t care.

If the by the next week-end she doesn’t agree to a date, I inclusively move-on: I try to get another girl but do not close the door on the previous one yet.

It did occur that I slept with a girl on a Saturday, met another girl on the next week-end, only to return to the original girl the next week-end.

But this thing with Annie was completely different. I had to DTR now, right away, before doing anything else.

“How do you see our relationship going?”, I asked her.

“Ooh… relationship. If only… I’d love to be serious with you… but I guess, we’ll have to settle for random booty calls. From me at least… You don’t have a say on the matter”. She touched my nose with her index finger.

“We control this little guy, Sue and I”, she added, grabbing my cock as she began a hand job with the condom still in place. Flirting

“So you’d date me if it wasn’t for Sue?”, I replied, wondering if I would get caught between the two of them.

“No pretty boy. Like I said, I only sleep with Sue’s boyfriends. If she’s not in the picture, I ain’t interested.”

Good, less fighting and drama…

“But…”, she added, with a little hesitation, not looking at me. “I’d like it if we took it further. It’s Sue who doesn’t want to..”

“How much further?”, I asked, intrigued.

“Well, you and I actually dating. Have you heard of polyamory? I’d love for the three of us to have something more serious. Would you be up for that, pretty boy?”

“It depends, in that hypothetical scenario, who’s calling the shots?”

“You mean, who decides in which girl this little guys gets into? In that scenario, you would. But in my mind, it wouldn’t a one or the other thing.”

“Are you implying a threesome?”

She became disgusted.

“No, Sue’s my best friend. But it would involve the three of use naked on a bed…. Just don’t get any ideas of girl on girl action.”

“I understand. But it’s all hypothetical anyway.”

“Well… unless you can convince Sue to change her mind…”

So. Annie had spoken her mind. I would first have to think about my desires and then, worry about Sue’s objections.

Who said this was simple?

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