Sue Chapter 5: The Plan

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This entry is part 5 of 14 in the series Sue

I woke up still spooning Sue. I had fallen asleep as the big spoon but woke up with Sue’s breasts pressed against my back and her fingers playing with my chest hair.

“Did I wake you honey?”, she asked with a clear voice.

“No, you didn’t”, as I turned around to face her, smiling. It is very important to smile. To show that you are happy to see her.

She moved her lips forward and I landed a brief but warm kiss on them.

“Hey, why did you put boxers on? You did that last week too”

That was actually a very good question. What to wear to bed? Most of the girls I spent the night with prefer to sleep with some clothes on. Many seem to dislike the feeling of the sheets on their nipples as they sleep.

Sue personally seems to have fixed that by having very soft almost satin like sheets.

My high school sweetheart for example, would often sleep bottomless but never topless. She didn’t mind if I slept naked or not, but she was deadly afraid of accidental unprotected intercourse in the middle of the night.

I have no idea if this is a common fear of women but to be pre-emptive, I simply put boxers on if my partner is bottomless.

“It’s just a habit. Sorry to cut you short, but I really need to use the bathroom.”

On my way to the bathroom, I picked up the littered clothes that had not actually made it to the couch and place them on pile with those that did land properly. It was just to show I cared about cleanliness without appearing obsessive.

I didn’t close the bathroom door completely, once again a calculated move to avoid giving the impression I wanted to be alone in her own apartment, and quickly returned to my naked lover’s bed.

“Say, I don’t want to sound rude or too forward, but do you have anything planned for tonight?”

Already a 3rd date? Did she want to see me all day long or simply to see me again tonight? In all cases, I had to look available.

“Not yet. Do you have something in mind?”

“My two best friends were supposed to meet me for supper to know how my date went and I kind of promised you would be there if it went well. Do you mind?”

That’s a great sign, if she’s already thinking of presenting me to her girlfriends, it means that I am boyfriend-material. I could also means that I stuck forever in the friend zone, but we kind of established I wasn’t just an eunuch friend.

“Not at all. It would be my honor”

“There’s one thing though, please don’t be mad…”. She was biting her lower lip, visibly nervous about the next question…

“I won’t, I promise…”

“Well, I kind of mentioned the breakfast you cooked me and that you had a great kitchen, so they kind of insisted to come to your place. We can order in if you want, no need to cook yourself”

That was indeed a little forward, but perhaps it only meant that she was as excited about meeting me as I was about her. I just hoped it didn’t mean future problems for there is one universal truths: Don’t put your dick in crazy.

I feigned offense, “Hey, I really am a great cook.”. She laughed with a small intelligent laugh not a wild crazy one.

I am not sure you understand what I mean by intelligent laugh because it’s a context I clearly have in mind, but which I am not sure really translate well into words.

There are multiple types of laughs, there are loud obnoxious laughs and small discreet ones. There are classless laughs and others you only hear from doctoral students.

I think you can learn a lot from a laugh and Sue’s laugh showed a depth of character and high level of intelligence our current sexual relationship didn’t hint at. I didn’t know the girl enough to judge her, but the book cover was looking better by the minute.

“I suggest you tell me a little about what your friends eat so I can make an appropriate menu”

You never know if one of them is a vegetarian or allergic to something.

“You could simply reheat that lasagna from your fridge if you still have it. It looked delicious”

See? It works. She only saw it when I was making breakfast but her mind noticed it. They always do, well, the ones that I care about anyway.

“I finished that one, but I can easily make a new one”. Normally, I prepare one every Thursday as a show piece for the week-end, but since I had a date with Sue, I had instead bought food for a fondue, in case we ended up at my apartment tonight. That gives me an idea…

“How many friends will be over?”

“Just Annie and Nicole, but Nicole’s boyfriend Gus might come over too. Annie is single.”

Perfects. Four would be perfect for fondue, five would be adequate but if this had been a big party, a fondue would actually be a party crasher because I don’t have a table big enough for more and you can’t eat Fondue in the living room.

“I could make a Chinese fondue. It would be great for talking, and it doesn’t require that much preparation.”

She hugged me and thanked me, confirming it was a great idea.

We quickly coordinated everything, with me giving me my address another time and scheduling the party for 7pm with Sue arriving 2 hours earlier to help me organize it.

Little did she know I would be ready by then, but hey, I am sure we can find something to pass the time…

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