Sue Chapter 4: The evening

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After the supper with Sue, I left my car in the restaurant’s parking lot and we walked under the moonlight toward her apartment.

Despite the promise of texting me her address, I had never actually received it forcing me to let Sue lead the walk, both in the itinerary and in the pace.

I didn’t mind that much, but when you walk with a girl you are trying to seduce, your pace compared to hers is an important variable.

The first decision you have to make is if you walk by her side or not. If you are walking in front of her, you are telling her that you are forcing her to move faster, showing a level of impatience. If you are walking behind her, you are in a way telling her that you are holding back.

But walking side by side with a girl you barely know isn’t that simple: it requires constant adjustment on your pace to match hers because when two persons walk side by side, each will subconsciously match the pace of the other.

This means that if you walk slightly faster than they do, she will match your speed without thinking about it and eventually resent you for making her run. If you walk slower, she will slow down and wonder what’s keeping you back.

My trick is to try and match not only the speed, but also the leg movements, syncing so that both of us move our legs at the same time.

I simply slightly adjust the length of my steps to compensate for the fact that the girls I usually date have shorter legs than I do.

As for which side to walk on, the left or the right? That’s a given: you walk on the side of the street so that you shield her from the passing cars.

The conversation during the walk with Sue was a lot more personal than in the restaurant. She told me about her first time and her ex boyfriend’s sexual habits and wondered about my ex-girlfriends.

It’s always a delicate subject. If you talk about them in a bad light, she will wonder if you will eventually bad mouth her to your next girlfriend. If you talk about them in a too good light, she will worry you are still in love.

But there are two things I try to emphasize: the fact that I spent years with my ex-girlfriend, showing that I do not fear commitment and the way we parted: in a friendly clean break, showing that I wasn’t the type to obsess with ex-girlfriends.

While I am in a relationship, I give it all I’ve got, when it’s over, I move on. I firmly believe this is what girls really want to know: can you be serious, and will I need a restraining order to get rid of you afterwards?

We turned a lot during the long walk in this neighbourhood I admitted not being completely familiar with. I strongly suspect that Sue was voluntarily prolonging the walk so that we could finish airing our past in the open.

Well, I now know, as I am writing this, that we took a long detour, but that’s what I guess her actual motivation was.

Sue lives in a small 2 room apartment. There is a moderate size bedroom and a bigger living / kitchen room. When we came in, Sue just dropped her purse on the floor and jumped at my lips, kissing me passionately while pinning me to the wall.

Expertly, she managed to close the door without breaking our kiss.

This actually scared me a little. I was suddenly afraid Sue was only seeing me as a sexual partner. I guess it was a reflex because supper had been quite pleasant and the walk toward her apartment really sounded like she was expecting a relationship.

I guess I was just lucky to have found a woman who actually enjoyed having sex or at least, intimacy since I wasn’t sure yet where the night would take us.

Sue began unbuttoning my shirt and as soon as she had undone the third button, I began pulling her own shirt from her waist up to her bra.

It was important not to raise her shirt higher or to wait longer because you had to show interest while not acting completely like a ravishing beast.

To my surprise, Sue broke the kiss and whispered: “It’s a bra-top shirt, let me help you with it”. She had perceived my pause as confusion on how to undress her and thus, clearly had been looking forward to it.

She pulled away and quickly became topless, throwing the shirt toward the couch and looking at me with hungry eyes. “My turn?” I just asked.. “Your turn”, she simply replied.

I didn’t bother unbuttoning the rest of the shirt, I just pulled it over my head and was soon equally topless.

I wasn’t at all ashamed: not only had we seen each other naked on the previous week-end but I had lost enough weight in the last 2 years to be fully confident with my body. This was something that usually turned on women: not just how they see you, but also how you see yourself.

She walked backwards toward her room, without breaking eye contact from my body, thought I must admit that with the lust that filled the room, we didn’t only look at each other’s eyes.

In fact, as our clothes slowly pilled up on Sue’s coach, our respective stares were caressing each other’s body in a wanton symphony. My eyes were oddly usually not even looking at her perky breasts or her shaved pussy but rather at the golden chain around her thin waist.

By the time we reached her bed, we were entwined in each other’s arms, naked on her comforter, with Sue quickly grabbing a condom from her bedside table.

Once again, she insisted to be on top as she begged me to get deeper inside of her. Our first time had been simultaneous. I couldn’t guarantee it for a second time, but if I disappointed her, there wouldn’t be a third one.

With the woman on top, it is possible to slowly rock your hips as to push toward the end of the vagina while grinding her clitoris with your skin. It’s a very technical trick which isn’t really passionate, but it serves a double purpose: it still works for your partner, but it reduces the stimulation on the penis.

It won’t get you off, but tonight, that wasn’t the goal. Most men think of their own desires first and that can seriously turn off a woman. If you initially focus on her pleasure while looking like you are having the time of your life, you increase the chance of next encounter.

Eventually, you’ll find a rhythm everyone likes.

Her soft moans were really doing a number on my fantasies, making me believe I was bringing her to the seventh heaven and sadly, it make me come before she did.

I didn’t stop however, I kept pushing and I even got help from her as she began caressing her clitoris herself while slowly moaning a little harder.

I felt her muscles tighten as she climaxed before I had the time to become limp. She dropped violently on me, cuddling me while I was still inside of her.

Sadly, despite both of us feeling exhausted and really in a good mood to fall asleep in each other’s arms, I still had to remove the condom: if I lost my erection inside of her, I risked getting her pregnant or worse, getting a std if she had one.

Unfortunately, such thoughts only diminished the blood supply in my manhood increasing furthermore the danger.

Gently, I pushed her aside with my right arm while trying to hold in place the condom with my left. As soon as I was free, I left for the bathroom to clean up.

This is where I did the number one trick to avoid problems: I rinsed the interior of the condom before throwing it in the garbage can. Not only do you reduce the smell and the mess when your girlfriend picks up the garbage, but you also eliminates the risk that a crazy partner might use your sperm for nefarious purposes like accusing you of rape or getting pregnant.

I might be paranoid, but better safe than sorry, right?

Put my boxers back on and returned to Sue’s bed, discovering she had since gotten under the sheets, without bothering to put any clothes on.

We spooned and right after she kissed my hand, she whispered “I could get used to this…”

I fell asleep shortly after I kissed her hair as a reply. It’s only then I realized she hadn’t actually eaten any dessert…

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