Sue Chapter 6: Preparing for the party

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I left Sue’s apartment without actually eating breakfast with her. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but she seemed to prefer staying in bed and I didn’t want to impose myself.

Sure, you could say she imposed herself with the party but what she does isn’t under my control. If she moves too fast, it’s her decision. But if I move too fast, I could scare her.

You could argue that she could scare me, but let’s face it, dating is a woman’s game. They control the field. They decide the pace, the rhythm and even if they will play or not.

Do I think it’s normal? No, not at all. But that’s how the game works and if you want to win, you have to follow the rules or at least, know how to break them intelligently.

Just taking food from her cupboard while she stays in bed would make me look clingy and might put her off even if she was showing signs of invasion of my life. If she does it, it shows she likes me and wants me to provide for her, a sign that she is interested in me.

It’s a double standard but who was I to argue?

Using the GPS on my phone, I quickly reached my parked car proving we had taken quite a detour on our evening walk. I didn’t regret finding a spot I could safely park for the night thought taking credit for that decision would be hypocrite of me: it was just pure luck.

In the dating game, luck does have a big part to play.

I was rather hungry and didn’t quite want to eat breakfast at home, so I stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast. Hey, just because I try to show myself as being mature and dependable doesn’t mean I can’t just have some fast food on my time alone.

I did stop at the grocery store to buy more supplies for the supper: a fondue for 2 doesn’t need as much meat as a fondue for 5.

I had a full day ahead of me because I had to reorganize my apartment.

And this would be complex because I could only make subtle changes to switch the look from a hopeful bachelor pad to a committed new boyfriend.

I changed a few paintings and frames and I put stronger light bulbs, projecting a different mood. I removed almost all of the candles which were strategically placed around the apartment. I also moved my book case from the bedroom to the living room.

This wasn’t so subtle, but for me, it’s important to show that you have books. And I don’t mean picture coffee books, but rather philosophy, self-improvement, finance and even parenting books to show that you are cultured. You also need several classics from Shakespeare, Dickens and Sawyer.

When I have a girl over, I put the bookcase in the bedroom because I hope she will discover this aspect when we are about to get physical. I know, some think it’s too late, but I always leave one of my books on my coffee table with an obvious page markers sticking out of it. The book? “The Road Less Traveled”, by Scott Peck, with the marker on page 81 on which the author defines love as “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth”.

Of course, the definition is highlighted.

A few times, I’ve had a date open the book and it always leads to interesting conversations in which I am able to distinguish myself from the rest of the single guys.

But for a party with her friends, I didn’t want to highlight this aspect to the book would remain in the bookshelf. I simply had to move the bookshelf where it would be found and not hidden in my bedroom.

I cleaned everything once again and prepared a Caesar salad and placed everything for the fondue on the table except for the food itself.

At 4h00 pm, the place was ready to receive everyone, 3 hours before they would arrive and a good hour before Sue would arrive to help me prepare.

I hadn’t relaxed a minute but I hope it would be worth it. I took a quick shower, shaved, organized my hair and by 4h30, I was dressed, ready and anxious to see my new girl and her friends, and hopefully, by the end of the evening, she would actually be my girlfriend.

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