Lizzie Chapter 4: Initiation

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I thought back about the campus map. The computer engineering classes were divided in two main areas. There was the main science campus which housed the general software and hardware development classes and there was the smaller Faulkner building which was used solely for more specialised programs, like mine.

Both buildings were rather far from each other which most likely explained why I had never run into Tim, my initiation partner for the Sacred Source Society.

It was hinted at the original meeting that we weren’t supposed to talk to our partner until the initiation but since we didn’t officially share any contact details I wouldn’t have been able to meet him anyway other than by lurking the computer engineering building.

With retrospective, I should have paid attention when he gave his contact details but I was rather overwhelmed by the evening.

I made a mental note to remain more focused on what was happening on the moment for my initiation, due to occur in only a few hours.

With ants in my legs, I was almost over-excited, alone in my room. I was sure to still be over dressed, or rather, under-dressed for the initiation but I put the exact same outfit as the first time.

I had felt powerful without underwear and being the girl with the sexiest outfit 2 weeks ago helped me gain confidence and successfully be invited back as an initiate.

I still don’t understand why Sally didn’t simply pick one of the remaining guys to partner but I was happy I would have to fight for Tim tonight.

As I was buttoning my blouse, I re-read my invitation card which has been slipped under my door two days earlier. It was rather short. Just a room number and a time.

No subject, no text. The date wasn’t even repeated. If I had forgotten it, I wouldn’t even know who to contact to get additional details.

I was ready with time to spare. I had of course scouted the place. It was a small workshop in the arts department, next to one of the auditoriums. It was opened when I scouted it. Students were using it to paint a backdrop for one of the plays.

As I locked the door to my room, I made a last check that I had both the brooch and the invitation, in case they were needed.

The walk to the arts department made me feel just a powerful as I was the first time but sadly, it was already past nine and rare were the students who saw me walk by.

I nervously knocked on the door, only to find two masked figures wearing a black robe. Both had Silver brooches with a pink background. The masks were both made in metal and silver in color. There were elegant and full of jewels. The masks weren’t so much solid. They looked as if they were made of lacing, but in metal.

I could faintly see woman curves under the robes but they were not designed to be pleasing to the eyes. They were ceremonial and were long enough to almost drop to the floor.

That’s how I noticed that both girls were bare footed. One had red nail polish on her toenails but the other had virgin toenails, like mine.

As soon as the door was closed behind me, the red toenail girl took my invitation and asked me to strip naked. I froze in place until I realized that the other girl was holding both a bronze mask and a black robe.

The mask was completely different from theirs. It was solid and made from plastic of a somewhat bronze color. It had 4 openings, two for the eyes and two small ones for the nostrils.

Unlike their mask, there was no slid for the mouth which was rather creepy.

The back robe was a lot like a hospital gown. It fastened in the back but unlike their version, there were no sleeves.

I resigned myself and unbuttoned the first few buttons of my blouse before slipping it off like a shirt, remaining topless in front of two strangers. The red toenail girl took my blouse and waited for the rest.

I slipped off my shoes while I unzipped my skirt, leaving me fully naked.

The other girl wrapped me in the blouse and installed it. Once it was fastened in my back and the mask put in place, I felt trapped: I could barely see in front of me but I didn’t need my eyes to understand that the red toenail girl was pinning my brooch to my gown.

The two girls each grabbed one of my arms through the gown, pulled me out of the workshop and into the corridor. It didn’t take me long to understand we were heading to the auditorium which was lit entirely by candlelit.

It was obvious there were people sitting in the seats but they were all wearing a mask and a black robe. I presumed they also were wearing a brooch but I couldn’t really see that well for they were in relative darkness.

I was brought on stage where a woman with a golden mask with the features of a cat motioned me to stand in front of her with a long golden staff.

“Initiate, you are here to pledge your loyalty to the Sacred Source Society and join our glorious sisterhood to help us achieve unity with the universe.

Today, you are a maiden. You are to show your strength and your independence. You are to show that you can stand proud and free from the shackles of our male dominated society”

So, this was a feminist club. It now made sense why it was the women who were choosing their partner and not the other way around. I guess this explains why all of the leaders I have met so far were women. But why did guys agree to put up with this ?

“Today is your first trial. The Physical challenge. You have picked a partner for our most sacred communion. He will join us soon. You are to show him your own sacred source and show us that you can walk beside us as an equal.”

Tim was brought on stage. He was completely naked except for a metal collar around his neck and leather straps on his cuffs and ankles. A bed was rolled from backstage, but there was a metal strap affixed to one of the ends, and leather straps hanging on the sides.

I quickly realized what I was to do. I understood why guys accepted to join this feminist club. Did I want to move forward ? Would I be able to look myself in the mirror tomorrow if I did what they asked of me ?

In fact, would I even be able to do what was expected ?

This was my moment to decide if I was ready to become an adult and face my decisions or if I would turn back into my teenage self and run away screaming of fear.

Tim was laid on the bed while drums started playing an ominous symphony. The richness of the tone and the vibrations I could feel through my bare soles told me these were real drums being played on stage most likely in the shadows.

Tim was installed on the bed and his collar was locked to the metal strap I had noticed. His hands and his legs were also fastened and he was quickly secured in a spread eagle position.

The bed was rolled to show his feet to the audience and I was pulled to face him, turning my back to the crowd.

Still half-frozen with uncertainty, I was quickly relieved of both my robe and my mask leaving me naked in front of an auditorium filled with strangers.

Undressing in front of two masked attendant was one thing but now, I felt completely vulnerable.

Only two faces weren’t masked, Tim’s and mine, leaving both of us exposed to a nameless public.

I could have run, but I realized I couldn’t see any of the other members of the society from my point of view, leaving my face obstructed from view.

Tim had a sizeable erection and two condoms were placed beside him, clearly showing what my next step would be.

I jumped on the bed and kneeled between Tim’s thigh to install one of the condoms on his erect member. I looked at him and realized he had ear plugs installed, most likely preventing him from hearing what was going on.

As soon as the condom was in place, the master of the ceremony resumed talking, to the crown this time, in an almost ritualistic manner.

“This man isn’t pledged. This man isn’t one of our toys. He cannot spread his seed. He is not worthy to touch our new initiate’s source. But by accepting today to help our sister get in touch with her physical self, he is opening himself to show he is worthy. Sisters, let’s test him and see if he worthy of our order. We warned him. Today, he is not allowed entry into heaven. Today, he is only allowed to let our initiate move forward in her quest. Let’s all chant our hymn while she opens her temple and lets him cleanses her from the inside”

I took this as my cue. The whole auditorium as soon filled by a slow chant in what sounded like Latin. I could detect a few male voices but they seemed scarce.

I silently thanked condom manufacturer for adding lubricant to their product for I was definitely not ready to have sex. Fortunately, the position allowed me to slowly install myself on top of Tim in the weirdest sexual encounter I had even experienced.

Tim whispered a few words to tell me he would let me know when to slow down and insisted that I needed to come first for him to join the society.

I simply told him I already knew about it.

I’d love to tell you that I had a great orgasm amplified by the drum beat and the excitement of being on stage, but the truth was that I could barely feel Tim amongst the whole scenario.

After a few minutes of almost technical movements, I was able to get a small relief and I made sure to vocally express it while not exaggerating my pleasure.

As soon as I finished what I could only describe as moaning, the drums and the chanting suddenly stopped and three knocks were loudly delivered to the auditorium stage.

“Our sister has passed her first test ! She is now one of us. Let’s all welcome her with a round of applause”

While the audience clapped, the two attendant put a new elegant bronze mask on my face while Tim was still inside of me. I stood up and was presented to the crowd who cheered when they saw my naked body. With his mask, not only was there an opening for the mouth, but the holes for the eyes allowed for more clearly seeing the audience.

Once the applause stopped, a new robe with sleeves was installed and I was lead to sit in the audience where I was given a sheet of paper with the lyrics of the earlier Latin song. I also noticed that my brooch now had a white dot installed in the middle, confirming me as a member of the society.

Meanwhile, Tim was released from the bed and from his ear plugs before being presented to the crowed but didn’t get the courtesy to have a mask installed first.

After his arms had been tied behind his back, he was asked if he truly wanted to join the society. When he acknowledged, he was presented with a box.

“To join our society, men have to surrender themselves to our control. You are to belong to the society. You are to be our toy, to do as we please. You will get the opportunity to pledge yourself to one of our members and belong to her. But until then, for the good of our sacred order, we need to ensure your loyalty. It is not too late for you to leave, but if stay, you will belong to us. Is that what you want ?”

“Yes. This is what I want”

A weird metal contraption was taken out of the box. Tim had lost his erection but his condom had not yet been removed. One of the attendant, the one with the red toenails, removed the condom and used a wet towel to clean Tim’s penis.

The metal contraption was slid over his limp member and around his balls. A padlock was added and I soon realized it was a kind of chastity belt, but installed to secure itself by surrounding the ball sack.

“Only I will have the key for your manhood until you will have pledged to one of our members. Meanwhile, you will need to be patient.”

A black robe was installed on his naked body and a bronze mask finally hid his face. He was lead to sit next to me, where he took my hand into his in a very passionate way.

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