Susanna Chapter 31: Inviting Jeff

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Eventually, she signaled me to get out of the room; she left Simon there, but put a bathrobe on.

We went in the lobby, where she gave me instructions. She then called Jeff to join us.

Once inside, Dorothy explained to him that I was ordered to have sex with him if he so desired, that it was a gift she wanted to give him, to thank him of his services.

According to my orders, I started to kiss him on his neck. He of course agreed by kissing me in turn.

“There is only one catch Jeff. I want to try something. I will blindfold and gag you, then strip you naked. After that, we will attach you to a chair, and Susanna will fuck you. Is that alright with you?”

“What will you do during that time ?”

“I will have sex with Simon, he is blindfolded too… so don’t worry, he won’t see you naked”

“But you will…”

“Hey, you can always say no…”

“No, I’ll do it…”

His hungry eyes were looking, exploring my naked body while Dorothy was gagging him and blindfolding him. We stripped him naked, and we could clearly saw he had an erection.

He was brought to the bedroom, and tied to another chair.

“Simon, Jeff is here too. He was stripped naked and tied to a chair, just like you. Now, Susanna is going to be sodomized by him while I am sodomized by you. We are going to gag each other, so you will only hear our movements.

I firmly attached a gag in my Mistress’s mouth, as she did for me. We then installed ourselves each on our man after lubricating each of them, and proceeded to bring them to orgasm.

The chairs didn’t have arms, so it wasn’t too hard to move, by lifting up and down on their lap. The silence of the voices was frightening, I was fortunate enough to have kept my sight, enabling me to see the other couple’s movement, reassuring me that everything was alright.

Also, all four of us were stripped of our mouth completely: No kisses were allowed.

I was ordered to follow her movements, but it nevertheless brought my man to orgasm sooner.

While he was still coming out, I uncovered his eyes, so he could see me, and, after the surprise, he turned his head to see Dorothy making love to …Jeff.

Simon seemed in shock, he probably really was thinking he was sodomizing his girlfriend, but, secretly, in order to make him jealous, Dorothy had changed places!

Fortunately for him, Dorothy came only a few seconds later, and judging by the few reactions Jeff could express, the climax was mutual.

After Dorothy came back to her senses, we detached Jeff, and I accompanied him, both of us still naked, to the lobby, where I kissed Jeff on the cheeks, leaving him to think he had sex with me.

When I came back to the room, Dorothy had Jeff bound to the bed, with a hand or a feet in each corner. He was still gagged.

He was naked and a big plastic sheet was between him and the sheets.

“So, you fucking bastard. You had your fun in the last few weeks. Possibly even during your slave internship: who know what you did to their maid? Now, it is my turn. I now own my slave, and being pissed off by you, I will explore the joy of being a lesbian. Because in case you haven’t figured it out yet, you seem to have chosen your partner, a poor stupid slut. Well, I choose the same one. Just wait until I will be finished with you and you will pray God for forgiveness. Because your little prick won’t enter my cunt or my ass for a long time. In fact, your little prick will enter nothing for a while, so be prepared to serve, slave boy. I will let you tied to the bed for a few days. Susanna will bring you food once a day and you will have to drink thru a straw. For the rest, you will have to handle it… alone. In the mean time, my slave and I are going to explore each other’s body. I’ll see you in a few days”.

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