Susanna Chapter 30: Taking care of her

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Dorothy quickly enough found her way back to me after leaving Simon in the bath.

“Now little bitch, what are we going to do with you?”

I was extraordinarily exited. I was finally finding someone extremely dominant… and damn sexy.

“Do as you wish, mistress”

“You bet I will, you bet I will… First, lick my pussy bitch.”

I jumped on my knees, and started to eat her.

She turned around a little, and sat on the bed. My head was now stuck between her legs.

“You know, I might find you useful for a change.”

After a little while, I started to caress her legs with both of my hands, and slowly started moving them up, until I reached her nipples, which had hardened in the mean time. She promptly removed her shirt and bra, leaving both of us completely naked. She herself brought my hands back to her breasts. I really loved her: She made me feel so desired.

She slowly arched her back on the bed, finally putting resting completely on the bed. She ordered me to crawl on the bed to continue eating her.

After a few minutes, she ordered me to put my cunt over her mouth, bringing us in a 69 position. Hesitantly, she started licking my pussy, or at least, that was left of it, but after only a few licks, she violently pushed me aside, letting me fall down the bed, loudly hitting the carpeted floor.

“You still taste his cum. Some of it must have dripped over from your ass. I remember why I always hated to eat him.”

“You are not forced to do this mistress; you can let me bring you pleasure… ”

“No, you bore me; I hate to simply receive… Go take a bath with my stupid boyfriend; I will join both of you in there in a few seconds. Don’t talk to him”

“Yes mistress”

Simon was in the tub, waiting.

“What is happening Susanna?”

“I can’t talk…”

“Ok, sorry…”

We waited. After a few minutes, Dot was back, wearing a fabulously sexy bikini that was more in the realm of lingerie than in the realm of bathing suits. She stayed outside of the bath.

“Simon, with your fingers, I want you to clean her thoroughly.”

“Yes mistress”

Simon slid her fingers underwater inside my rectum and proceeded to move his finger inside to remove his cum, as well as cleaning everything around. After 2 or 3 minutes of silence, she ordered both of us to leave the bath. We dried ourselves, and under her instructions, we proceeded to bedroom.

Simon was ordered to sit, naked, on a chair she had placed in front of the bed. We then tied him firmly, preventing him from moving. He was gagged, but otherwise could see.

How I wished to be in his place… by my mistress had other plans for me.

We went on the bed, which was in front of Simon. My Mistress slowly removed her bra, then her panties, and started kissing my breasts, to Simon full view.

I started to return her the favor, and we slowly, over the next 20 or 30 minutes, explored each others body. Simon was just there, not able to move or to talk.

I could see that already, Dorothy was getting the hang of making love with a woman. She was getting more and more confident and passionate in her movements.

I was even starting to get hot and excited, even thought it was her first time, maybe the fact that Simon was watching us helped a little…

Eventually we got to the point where we were stimulating each other “digitally”, thought in my case, it was limited. Dorothy got up, and blind-folded Simon.

She then came back with me in bed. We resumed our love-making, but this time, Dorothy was yelling-out her lungs! She was faking her pleasure, for the acoustic torture of Simon. She kept repeating:

“Keep going bitch, Simon was NEVER that good, he never made me come more than once”

However, I could clearly see it was an act, so I decided to make it real…

I started to make her the most vigorous, yet delicate cunnilingus I could imagine, while stimulating her G-spot with my middle finger. But I couldn’t press hard enough on her inside because my chin was in the way, so I inserted my index in her anus, slowly sliding it in, using it to push hard my middle finger trough the walls of her anus and her cunt.

She started to lose her concentration, and lost her focus, which was replaced by a long moan of pleasure. Quickly, I felt her lose her grip on reality, as her orgasm rushed thru her body.

She even yelled harder than when she was faking, a desperate noise coming from deep in her throat filled my head, until I was deafened by her closing legs which pressed firmly on her side of my skull, menacing to crush it.

Yet, I kept feeling her orgasm thought her vibrating body.

I could only imagine what Simon was thinking, and feeling right now.

Eventually, Dorothy let go of the pressure on my head and curled over, crying.

I lay down next to her and held her in my arms.

She fell asleep, but woke up a few minutes later, disoriented. When she saw me, she simply murmured “Thanks”, and started to kiss me passionately.

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