Pets Chapter 36(Richard): Saying Goodbye

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Hugo had kept me company while my submissives were doing their first public scene under the Jake’s discrete camera filming everything on my own memory card.

I know Hugo seemed nice and friendly, but I must admit my eyes were soldered on Ellie’s naked body as she moved under Candy’s directives.

I know Candy is a submissive and her actions toward Ellie are all guided by a submissive desire to please me, but seeing her take control of the scene made me proud of her.

She had expressed several times in the past her desire to play with another submissive girl and wondered if I would be able to properly coordinate everything. As it turned out, Candy was able to do it herself, at least, from time to time…

Ellie looked at me, with lust in her eyes. Ok, perhaps that was just in my mind, but I didn’t want to censor myself and I jumped on the stage.

“Let me suck your dick, Master…”

“Don’t you want to have sex?”, I asked my girlfriend.

“I am already satisfied. Now, I want to please you Master…”

Who was I to argue?

Ellie kneeled in front of me. I began to untie my belt, but she pushed my hand aside and undid it herself.

Without wasting a moment, Ellie soon had my erect dick at the disposal of her mouth and was slowly demonstrating her desire for me using her sensual lips and her warm and cuddly tongue.

My wonderful girlfriend made long profound movements and I noticed with the corner of my eye that Jake was still filming from angle that would not only perfectly capture the action but also show Candy recuperating from her sexual activity.

It wasn’t long because Candy approached Ellie and began caressing her hair, but then, Ellie did something unexpected…

She stopped her fellatio and began kissing Candy, bringing her closer to the center of the action. When they broke the kiss, Ellie pushed Candy toward my erect cock and soon enough, Candy, my lesbian submissive was actively sucking my dick.

I wouldn’t say she was adept at it, but it was different from Ellie’s blow jobs.

Speaking of my girlfriend, after caressing Candy’s hair, breasts and rest of her body, she slowly stood up and kissed me, pressing her naked body close to mine.

I caressed her wonderful ass, but soon after, she broke the kiss, gently pushed Candy aside and resumed her oral sex for a little while, as my sexual excitement grew.

Candy replaced Ellie one more time a few minutes later, possibly to help my girlfriend rest a little but soon enough, Ellie was back for the finish line.

Soon before I was about to come however, Ellie’s mouth left my side and she continued with one hand and pulled Candy toward me with the other.

I understood her plan of action only seconds before ejaculating all over Candy’s breasts, sending little pearl droplets all over her upper body.

Without loosing time, Ellie used her tongue to sensuously lick every deposit from her partner’s skin, swallowing every drop of her master’s semen.

I knew Jake didn’t miss anything, but Hugo was surprisingly captivated, flanked by Diane and Robert who had both left the bar to observe our finale. It’s only after I recuperated that I noticed that Jennifer was just as close, but on the other side of the stage.

I thanked my girls, hugged both of them and even risked a sensual kiss to Ellie. I congratulated them on their performance and thanked Candy for her exceptional playfulness when she helped Ellie with the fellatio.

Candy left to get dressed as soon as we left the stage, but Ellie remained naked as we returned to the bar, where we were visibly the center of attention.

Jake discreetly gave me the memory card while Ellie was explaining how she felt to Diane, and I ordered soft drinks for the three of us.

When Candy returned, she was radiant. I was afraid that having her perform a very heterosexual act would turn her off, but it appears she focused on her interactions with Ellie.

I asked her privately if she was all right, and she replied: “I finally scissored a girl!”. I wondered if she remembered what she did afterwards, but perhaps she did and didn’t care, having had too much fun with Ellie to mind the follow-up.

Once we finished our drinks, it was time to leave. A new guest had just arrived, a women in her mid twenties called Ginger who took a particular interest to Ellie.

We’d stay longer, but sadly, we have school tomorrow…




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