Cathy Chapter 6: Louis and Jasmine

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I wasn’t always very open sexually speaking. I wasn’t particularly inhibited but I wasn’t always as outspoken as I am today.

I quickly learned that not being prude with nudity isn’t the same as being sexually open.

You all know that it was my idea to open a nude beach on our resort. I was already half way there since neither me or my mother usually wore a bikini top when bathing in the ocean.

To me, seeing woman’s breasts was as normal as seeing a man without a hat. Going from topless to fully nude on the beach was a little more mental effort but it soon became just as natural as being topless.

I even began to love feeling the sun on my entire body, much to my father’ s dismay. My mother joined me often on the nude beach and from time to time on the rest of the resort but it didn’t appear as natural to her as simply being topless.

When the swingers arrived however, they took me completely by surprise.

I was no longer a virgin when they started showing up but my experiences had been either within the confine of a loving relationship or just with “friends with benefits” who were usually ex-boyfriends. When in a relationship, I was committed to that relationship and didn’t mess around.

But they were fully unashamed and flirted with everyone they had an interest in despite already being in a couple. Worse, both members of the couple would point out potential mates for their spouse !

To me, this was going too far until Louis and Jasmine showed up.

My parents had already left me in charge and several swinger clubs had previously booked the resort for a full week.

The first day of the first official swingers club rules on the resort, I almost vomited after seeing so much public sexual activity. When I agreed to host their events, I didn’t realize it wouldn’t only occur in their rooms.

I was able to function normally after a day of de-sensitizing, but I didn’t undress once for the rest of the week. I didn’t even go topless at the beach. I was mortified.

When the week was over, Pedro in one of his rare pearls of wisdoms, simply asked me : “Why does it bother you that they do in public what you do behind closed doors and why doesn’t it bother you to be nude in public ?”

I wanted to complain that I didn’t partake in threesomes and orgies but to be honest even a couple having sex on the side of the pool had turned me off.

With introspection, I realized I was in “dad mode”. My mother had shown me that being topless was acceptable. When I flirted with part-time nudism, she accompanied me and showed me that it was also acceptable.

Now that I was alone in the resort, instead of adopting my mother’s “live and let live” philosophy, I was hiding behind my father’s close mindedness when it came to sex.

After a lot of introspection, I managed to figure out in my mind most of the reasons I had judged them and promised to do better the next time.

When the next time did come, I did my introspection several times per day and even managed to resume to my usual nude dressing after two days.

By the end of the week, seeing the members having sex in public began to turn me on but I didn’t act on my impulses.

It’s only several weeks later on the next swingers week that I was able to have sex with Pedro by the side of the pool, at night, with no one present when we began.

A few people passed by and one man watched us for a few minutes but we were otherwise mostly ignored, like the other couples had been.

On the following special weeks, Pedro and I repeated the experience until one day, Louis and Jasmine showed up.

Both had been particularly flirty with me since they arrived. I had seen them have sex together but they seemed to avoid the other couples. I must admit they were both extremely attractive and barely older than I was, but the other guests weren’t as well preserved.

When Jasmine first saw me nude on the resort, she stripped on the spot telling me I had a great attitude, “and a great body”.

A few evenings later, I was fooling around with Pedro by the side of the pool. We were both already nude and Pedro was visibly aroused when I heard Jasmine approach behind me.

“Your friend is well equipped. Would you mind sharing him tonight so I can try him out ?”

I didn’t know what to answer, but Pedro’s eyes looked like they were begging to me to say yes. Back then, we weren’t as close as we are right now. I turned around to see that not only she was just as nude as I was but that Louis was equally nude and sporting a very hard erection.

I wouldn’t say they took advantage of me, but soon enough, Pedro had left my side to be replaced by Louis who was now tenderly kissing my neck.

I could hear Pedro and Jasmine behind me. Jasmine was verbally exploring his muscles and I could hear him kiss her back while she was expressing her love for his built.

Louis wasn’t totally silent either. He often complimented me, including on my narrow waist and my perfect little breasts he enjoyed caressing. I wasn’t idle and caressed him back with my hands and my mouth. I even used one of my thighs to rub his balls.

He wasn’t my second partner but I still was discovering a few facts about love making. Most of my boyfriends had been rather introverted and having my partner express his love of my body or his appreciation of my moves was something new and exciting.

I sometimes turned my head around to look as Jasmine and Pedro and saw that they began having sex much sooner than Louis and I had.

Louis was taking his time but Jasmine seemed rather in a hurry. When Louis finally put a condom on and entered my secret garden, Jasmine was already about to climax.

I tried to concentrate on what I was doing but Jasmine was simply making too much noise for me to be able to relax. It made me feel inadequate as a woman since I wasn’t really vocal during sex.

Once she finished however, I was able to get a little more into the action and I had to admit that having sex with Louis was different than with Pedro. Not better, not worse, just different.

When I was beginning to truly enjoy my time with Louis, I felt a delicate hand touching my back. I turned around to see Jasmine approaching me from behind.

Now that she was done with Pedro she was turning her attention to me and I wasn’t sure I liked it. My mind however, was mostly fixated on her husband who was busy trying to make me come with his hard as steel cock ramming me delicately.

Soon, I felt Jasmine cuddling me and her breasts pushing against my back. She was gently kissing my neck just like her husband had done a few minutes ago.

When Louis was doing it, it was pleasant but clearly a preliminary. I was enjoying it but at the same time, I was yearning for more. Now that I was indeed getting a lot more, Jasmine’s touch was blissful in itself. I was feeling it without wondering what her next step would be.

As it turns out, her next step were my lips. She didn’t just jumps on my mouth but rather slowly kissed my cheek step by step closer to my plump lips until our breaths became one.

Men tend to be in a hurry when they kiss and once they do kiss, they push themselves on you as if they were trying to curve your teeth in. I never complained for this showed me they desired me and they were strong enough to take me.

Jasmine on the other hand was delicate enough to barely touch the surface of my lips, but sensual enough to make me feel her full passion toward me.

While we were kissing, she gently glided a hand toward my breasts and softly caressed them alternatively like a butterfly would glide on a bed of flowers.

It was the first time a woman touched me sensually and I can’t hide the fact that soon enough, my mind was concentrated more on her than on Louis himself.

Don’t get me wrong, it was Louis’s penetration which made me climax, but Jasmine helped me get there sooner and stronger and experience I was already eager to repeat.

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