Lizzie Chapter 9: Sealed

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The new ceremonial room was much smaller and consisted of a normal class room with all of the desks pushed in a corner of the room.

I was allowed this time to help with the preparation and even got to meet a few of the silver members while we were lighting candles on the floor in the shape of a pentagram.

Most of the silver girls were rather sexy, making me think that somehow attractiveness might be a factor in the sacred source society.

I also noticed there were a lot of purple and light pink brooches which indicated bisexual and lesbian girls.

I didn’t know if it meant that silver members usually like girls or if it only applied to members of ceremonial team.

Tim was told to arrive at 2 and by 1h30, we were ready. The other members simply placed a black robe over their clothes but I had to strip naked under mine. I was offered to go to the bathroom but knowing the ceremony was about to start I choose to do it right on the spot.

I didn’t have much experience with being nude in front of others in a non-sexual way and I wasn’t sure I really liked it. Changing today didn’t help me choose one way or another.

I was given a mask as soon as I was done and was directed near the center of the pentagram. I heard an additional girl enter and saw the same golden member that had been the mistress of ceremony at my initiation standing with her staff in front of me.

Minutes flew by as I stood motionless wearing only my mask and my robe, waiting for Tim to arrive.

Sadly, I was standing with my back to the door, but a cymbal was rang as soon as he entered and the various drums started forming an almost demoniac symphony.

Tim was installed in front of me and I could see he was wearing a white robe not unlike mine.

He kneeled as the golden member addressed him, silencing the drums.

“Tim. You are a bronze member of the Sacred Source Society. You have decided to pledge yourself to Lizzie, another bronze member. Are you willing to follow her into fire as her first companion ?”

“Yes”, replied Tim.

“Lizzie, do you accept Tim’s pledge and take him as your first companion ?”

“Yes”, I replied.

The golden member simply yelled: “Let the sealing begin !”, as she hit the floor with her staff.

The drums resumed a faster rhythm while Tim stood in front of me and untied the knot holding his robe. He let it drop to the floor, revealing that apart from his chastity cage, he was naked.

One of the silver members gave Tim a piece of chalk and he proceeded to draw a circle on the floor around the candles, while reciting his text :

“I am pledging my loyalty to this sacred source of life. I pledge to honour and respect her for as long and she wishes me to do. I am to become a vassal trough which she will reach her internal divinity. I am to become a vessel trough which she will pour all of her sins so she may break free of her chains. ”

Once he was back in front of me, he was given a piece of paper and a pencil.

While writing his name, he recited his next line: “I am writing my name with my blood and my tears. From this moment on, I am Lizzie’s pet. Lizzie’s toy. Lizzie’s property.”

He took the piece of paper and lighted it with a candle forming the pentagram, quickly throwing it in a metal can placed on the side for safety reasons.

Once the paper was completely burned, he kneeled to spill the ashes in front of my feet and took my hand to pull me forward one step, so I could rest on top of the ashes.

“May I approach you, mistress ?”, he said in a begging tone.

“You may”.

As soon as he was in front of me, he untied my robe and gently removed it. He couldn’t let it drop to the floor because of the various lighted candles.

I was once again naked in front of him. The first time, he was tied to the bed. The second time, we were playing in his bed. This time however, he would be the only one moving.

He kneeled in front of me and used his hands to gently open my legs before proceeding to lick my clitoris.

The drumbeat accelerated once more and I understood that even if I wasn’t particularly inclined to climax under the circumstance, I had to fake it until I could make it.

Fortunately, after a few minutes of fake groaning my body began to feel enough pleasure to enable me to properly fake an orgasm.

Once I was done, the mistress of ceremony knocked on the floor with her staff and the drums were once again silenced.

“You are now sealed. As a toy, your keys will now be in the possession of your mistress. May she have pity on your desires.”

Still naked, I was handed a single key by Annie, which I knew would unlock Tim’s chastity belt.

Tim was given a black robe so he could leave the room, but I was given his white robe. His brooch now had a black dot in the place of his white one, showing his status.

I knew what I had to do. The ceremony would be repeated, but I would perform Tim’s role and Annie would be standing in the circle, receiving pleasure from my tongue.

There were a few differences in the ceremonial text when the pledgee was a girl but they were minor.

Soon enough, I too had my own black dot indicated that Annie now owned me. Fortunately, I had already made plans with her regarding my ownership.

Two other sealings and I would become a silver member.

Tim must first undress.

Tim first draws a circle with chalk.

He places in a can a piece of paper with his name and he burns it.

He then uses the ash to make a cross on the floor.

He then pulls lizzie in the circle and places her on the cross and removes her clothes.

Tim needs to oil Lizzie’s body with edible body oil using his hands and lick it all away, to show his dedication.

He then needs to perform a cunnilingus, kneeling before her. A drumbeat is supplied.

Then, Lizzie does the same to Annie.

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