Lizzie Chapter 16: Post-Sealing Celebration

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Getting Kylie sealed to me was most likely the most fun I’ve had since I entered college.

Seeing my naked roommate kneel before me in shame and humiliation only increased my attraction to her forbidden fruit.

I knew it was most like the only time in my life I would get to see her naked body and it increased even more my desire. Hearing her hesitant voice pledge her allegiance to me sounded like pure music in my ears. Hearing Kylie reciting the enchantment “I am Lizzie’s toy” made my vagina all moist.

What was happening to me? I was turning bit by bit into a sexual tormentor with a dirty mind filled with humiliating tasks for my slaves. It’s with regret I had to push away all my nasty thoughts regarding my roommate, but I kept just enough to feel electricity running through my body when her tongue began licking my clitoris as part of my ceremony.

It was my third and final sealing but it was the most exciting one because of her reluctance, of her disgust.

It’s also the only one in which I actually came sexually. Of course, I didn’t make it easy for her even thought I had promised I would. The previous two times, I faked it to make it over as soon as possible but not this time.

I got to take my time and simply enjoy the ride of Kylie slowly liking my private parts until I collapsed in perfect bliss.

I know longer cared about being seen naked or judged by Kylie. I went on the side and sat on a chair until I was able to stand up properly.

Kylie of course, left as soon as she was allowed to and the scene was repeated for Greg’s sealing to Stephanie. I remained nude in my chair in a corner and tried not to bother them, but it was awfully sexy seeing them in the act from my vantage point.

I eventually put the black robe back on and invited Stephanie and Greg to a private post sealing party, but not before seizing Greg’s chastity device key from his mistress. She was, after all, my own slave.

After dressing back up, I called Tim on his cellphone and summoned him. The four of us quickly met and after presentations were done, we all moved to Tim’s room where clothes were quickly thrown away with Stephanie and I kissing and caressing each other in front of our two kneeling slaves.

Greg’s key was placed on the night stand with Tim’s key and just as Stephanie and I began having fun, I stopped and turned around.

“Greg, little toy, would you like to get out of your chastity cage and fuck one of your two mistresses ?”

“Yes mistress”.

“Perfect, I just have a task for you to do first before you are allowed out. There is some lubricant in my bag. I want you to pick the tube and lubricate your chastity device. You will need to sodomize one of us before I can let you out.”

Stephanie interrupted me.

“Wait a second Lizzie. I don’t want that plastic thing in my ass. Is it me you had in mind ?”

“No, I had someone else in mind…”

Tim reacted and simply said : “No mistress, please, not me”

Greg reacted just as strongly. “I don’t want to fuck a dude. Seriously. You can’t ask me that..”

I stood up and took and angry tone.

“Listen little worms, you are my slaves. You shall do as I ask of you. Greg, you will fuck Tim until he comes or I decide you had enough. If you don’t, you WILL stay in that chastity cage for another month. Tim, you will let Greg fuck you from behind, or I remove that chastity cage and let you out for a very long time. Do you understand what you need to do ?”

In almost unison, both boys replied “Yes mistress”.

And so, lube was applied and a sodomy slowly began as Tim cried of humiliation of being penetrated by another man while Greg on the other hand, felt extremely excited at the thought of soon being out of his cage.

Tim was on his stomach on the bed while Greg was kneeling behind him. It wasn’t a position I liked when I was sodomized, but I am guessing that neither of them had real experience in the matter.

But the position gave me an idea. I grabbed the lube tube and positioned myself under Tim, guiding his caged cock toward my fully wet pussy.

Tim had a hard time concentrating by the fact that we was both being sodomized and penetrating his mistress while wearing a chastity belt, but I loved feeling Greg’s thrusts inside of Tim via Tim’s own reactions.

Once things began to feel interesting for me, I gave Greg his key and Told him to get Stephanie off.

Quickly, he pulled out of my boy toy and almost destroyed the cage while pulling it out. He was clearly having an erection while sodomizing Tim.

I knew the rumour was that almost every girl had latent bisexual tendencies. Would I get Greg and Tim into future sexual activities together out of their own free will? I doubt it, but I am not sure they would protest much from now on.

Stephanie, the lucky girl, was able to get an actual cock inside of her and judging from how excitedly she kissed me to thank me for the opportunity, I got he impression she was enjoying every second of it.

I had already came from Kylie earlier and Tim didn’t really excite me at this moment. Perhaps seeing Greg almost violently fucking Stephanie made me horny for real sex.

Perhaps Stephanie’s caresses made me long for her rather than for a boy at this moment.

All I know is that as soon as Greg and Stephanie were done, I asked Tim to stop and made him cuddle me. I could feel him crying down my neck and I sincerely hope these were tears of joy. Once again, he had been denied an orgasm but for once, he wasn’t the only one. Next time however, I would come. He won’t.

I may enjoy using my slaves, but I didn’t want to abuse them.

I left Kylie alone for the night to let her recuperate from her sealing and instead slept in Tim’s hot embrace, not bothering to dress back up because we jumped under the sheets.

Greg and Stephanie had already left. I don’t know if Tim’s roommate would get back during the night, but if he ‘s there tomorrow morning, will get a show when I leave the bed and get dressed.

Now, if I can just avoid dreaming he also becomes my slave, I should be fine…

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