Lizzie Chapter 5: Coffee

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It didn’t take long before the scene was reset. The bed sheets were removed and fresh ones were put in place.

The bed was tucked away in the darkness and two of the candles were relit.

I could hear a little chit-chat in the room but the mistress of ceremony was silently sitting on a chair by the side of the stage.

Tim thanked me.

“For what ?”

“For this. It’s amazing. My friend told me how incredible it felt, but I didn’t believe him. It’s even better than thought”

“You mean, you knew how things would go ?”

“Yeah, didn’t your sponsor give you the details ?”

I decided to lie.

“Well, I didn’t know everything. Such as about the chastity belt”

“Yeah. I was scared shitless. But Robert kept telling how great it felt. The feeling of loss of control. I didn’t think so, but it does feel better than sex. I feel like I’m on fire. I’d do anything right now. Anything.”

And I thought it was a kind of punishment for the guys. I never thought they would actually like it. I guess I didn’t understand boys as much as I thought.

He continued whispering, interrupting my thoughts.

“Hey, do you want to grab a coffee after this ? Perhaps at the coffee place near the economics library ?”

“Sure. Why not ? I know where it is.”

He didn’t get to reply before the next initiate came in. She was wearing the same bronze mask I had been wearing. Well, I assumed it was the same one. If it was a different one, it certainly looked identical.

Seeing things from another perspective really changed my appreciation of the ceremony.

When I was on the stage, I had no idea on what was going on and I was just anxious. This time around however, I was all ears opened and noticed that the imagery in the texts seemed voluntarily symbolic.

I recognized the girl to her nice long red hair. I didn’t remember her name from two weeks ago but I had a clear picture of her face in my mind. She was rather cute.

She never turned toward the audience, but I managed to clearly see that she had a little butterfly tattoo above her left cheek.

I tried to chant using the lyrics chart I had been given, but I had lot of trouble to both carry the tune and watch the show. I did see one of the attendants install the pin on the girl’s brooch in the shadow.

I managed to stop singing in time when the red head climaxed.

She was welcomed like I had been and soon guided toward an empty seat at the opposite end of the theater.

Her partner however, didn’t get the same luck as Tim. It was clear he had time to come too.

He was untied and brought forward to stand naked in front of the crowd, with his arms tied behind his back.

“To join our society, men have to surrender themselves to our control. You have failed to do so and spilled in vain your holy seed. You are thus worthless to our sacred order. You are banned from our ceremonies and will not be able to come back. Talk about what occurred today and you will be punished. Stay silent and perhaps one day you will be forgiven.”

Tim whispered to my ear: “He’ll be able to re-apply in 6 months. They are not that strict.”

The poor guy was lead outside of the auditorium despite his protest. He resisted a little but one of the attendants simply lifted his arms until he was forced to bow down due to the pain on his articulations.

As soon as he was out, the mistress of ceremony addressed the crowd.

“Today sisters, we have welcomed 8 new members and 6 new toys. These will bring strength to our society. Next week, we will see if they can bring wisdom as well.”

“New toys, until you are released, you are under the care of the sister you helped cleansed. Get to know her. Please her in any way she wishes. Your next goal is to pledge yourself to one of us and you are already one step forward with your partner. New sisters who have a toy, play with him. Make him understand what it is to be a toy. Make us proud.”

New sisters and toys were excused but I noticed that the rest of the members stayed in the room. Perhaps their ceremony wasn’t over yet.

One by one, we were lead to the small workshop by the bare toe nail attendant. Inside, the red toe nail one gave me my clothes, remembering perfectly who I was.

I had to strip naked in front of her but this time, I no longer minded. I had done worse.

I waited for Tim and side by side, we walked to the coffee shop he had mentioned. He seamed happy, light, Relaxed.

The coffee shop was closing and Tim barely had time to take a latté, while I ordered a hot chocolate beverage. He insisted to pay like a real gentleman and we slowly walked on campus until we found a lighted bench where we snuggled close to each other.

I didn’t have panties and felt the cold rushing between my legs but my hot chocolate and Tim’s warmth helped me avoid shivers.

“So, what’s next ?”, I asked.

“The fun part. For the next week, I am your chaste slave. I’ll do everything you ask of me.”

“And you are fine with that ?”, in a sceptical tone.

“You cannot imagine. I’ve always dreamed to be ordered around by a beautiful woman. Some guys like to take control, but I’ve always been rather submissive. When Robert told me about the society, I couldn’t stop masturbating.”

“I guess the society took care of that…”

“Yeah. It’s great. I can feel my penis pushing against the metal to try and get an erection, but it cannot. When I have sex or when I masturbate, I feel a great high, a rush. The climax is amazing but as soon as I calm down, my sex drive returns to zero and I become numb. But we’ve had sex over an hour ago and I still feel the rush. Robert says it can last for weeks. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

It felt rather weird, I’ve always liked it when my boyfriend would have fun but I could see the advantages of having an obedient partner.

“So I can ask you anything ?”

“almost anything.”

“What’s almost ?”

“Well, I don’t want my studies to suffer and I want to get hurt. But otherwise, I am ready to try almost anything.”

“So if I ask you to perform oral sex ?”

“I’ll do it”

“Right here ?”

“If you want, we can go up to my room… my roommate isn’t there on week-ends. I’ll do whatever you want. I have a few condoms too.”

“But I thought you were locked in your thing ?”

“I am, but the shape is made so that you can put a condom on it and still have sex. That way, you can do what you want but I don’t feel a thing”

“But, isn’t this taking advantage of you ?”

“If it feels like Robert said it would, not at all”

I thought for a few seconds but curiosity took the better part of me.

“Let’s find out” where the only words I had to say to get Tim on his feet.

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