Cathy Chapter 8: Jasmine and Louis

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I now had been officially initiated into the secret art of lesbian love-making but I still didn’t feel completely aware of what it was involving.

Sure, Jasmine had made me come by herself which was a feeling most straight girls would never know: having a memory of a woman being able to do what you were raised to believe only a man could do.

Yet, I had still ideas on how to actually do it myself. Getting pleasure from a woman was one thing but pleasing one was another.

I have had vague ideas even before meeting Jasmine but the way she moved on my body was just something I had not anticipated.

In most straight porn there are threesomes in which two girls have sexual contact. In many cases there are even lesbian scenes where two porn actress have sex and climax in each other’s arms.

But all that was just plain heterosexual fucking. Sure, it was between ladies but they were having sex the way man love to have sex: brutally, firmly, rapidly.

Considering it was all I had known with men, I never really had noticed it before, but now, without even watching a porn movie since I first met Jasmine I know knew how my perceptions were fake.

Men usually take the lead for sex causing me to only experience sex the masculine way. I knew that it might have just been a bad choice of partners and I did find tender men later in my life but at that point Jasmine was the only person in my mind.

All day I had been looking forward to the evening, barely able to perform my tasks. That wasn’t a first however. I often had hangovers from parties with guests or simply a urge to spend all day tanning on the beach forcing my staff to handle all of the details themselves.

Except today, I forced myself to stay in my office and work so I wouldn’t spend the whole day looking at the clock. I could have spent the day with my new friend but I was afraid I would get them sick of me before the sun would set.

Yes, I was still a little insecure back then. Do you know a lot of single girls in their early twenties who are fully secure in their attractiveness ?

Eventually, the planet did it’s half revolution on itself and the sun finally disappeared over the horizon. I wandered in the court still naked until I finally found my favourite couple.

Louis was wearing a boxer type bathing suit but Jasmine was completely naked. Both smiled when they saw me and Jasmine hugged me firmly, letting me feel her wonderful body pressed against mine.

I didn’t hesitate and I kissed her passionately on the lips. We had been sexual partners twice now and I wanted to make it clear this wasn’t a courtesy visit.

She gladly reciprocated and soon enough the three of us were walking to their room, hand in hand. To make it clear, I was holding one of Jasmine’s hands while Louis was holding the other.

Once inside, I proposed we took a shower, announcing I hadn’t wanted to erase any traces of our earlier experience from my body until then. Jasmine blushed a little and silently accompanied me to the shower.

I expertly adjusted the temperature, this was after all my hotel, and pulled Jasmine by the hand so we could get wet.

Our first action was to resume our kissing. I got the feeling that Louis was watching us from the bathroom but I couldn’t care less. My world was entirely contained within the shower walls.

I picked up Jasmine’s soap and began rubbing her body with it. It smelled flowery but I couldn’t identity which. I guess in hindsight I should have read the bottle but my eyes were elsewhere.

I kept trying to store in my mind a perfect 3D image of Jasmine with a complete map of what I wanted to do to her, but to be honest I was simply too horny and shy at the same time to really focus.

I know we never really dried off once we left the shower and I quickly pushed her toward her bed and jumped on her to kiss her fanatically while making sure to not put too much of my weight on her delicate body.

I tried to kiss her like she had and not like past boyfriends but it’s not until I was gently sucking on her left nipple that I managed to calm my nerves and slow down enough to be able to both stimulate her and sense how she was reacting.

It’s that way I discovered her secret. Whenever I had sex in the past, it was simply too intense for me or my partner to really notice anything.

That evening, time seems to tick by at a much slower rate but Jasmine’s reactions didn’t seem to be adversely affected. Instead, her breathing told me that she was already getting in the zone.

After a few minutes of exploration with my fingers I decided to kneel between her and jump in for my first cunnilingus.

The first thing I noticed when my tongue made contact with her sweet vagina wasn’t the taste like I thought. Instead, I realized how wet she was.

Her vaginal lubricant almost flowed outside of her once it was mixed in with my own saliva. After a little practice however, I got the hang of swallowing frequently and just letting most of it drool on my chin.

My biggest problem was finding what to lick but by studying her reactions I quickly managed to find a rhythm. I alternated between gently sucking on her licks and licking her exposed clitoris. This allowed to let my tongue rest from time to time and to diversify my actions.

When I could sense that she was slowly getting closer to orgasm however, Louis approached me from behind. I know he said something to me but I clearly wasn’t focusing on him.

Soon enough however, I felt him raising my buttocks and gliding his fully erect cock within my own wet pussy.

I could have protested that I didn’t sign up for that but I was mainly interested in making Jasmine come and trying to block from my mind any hints of sexual pleasure provided by her husband, to ensure I remained concentrated.

Fortunately, Jasmine seemed to notice that I was being pounded either because she was making eye to eye contact with her husband or because his throbbing was making my mouth push harder on her vagina.

In all cases, she almost silently climaxed with myself as her sole sexual partner for the evening. It greatly pleased me to know that I was able to reciprocate on this morning’s session.

But I wasn’t the only other person excited in the room. Louis violently ejaculated in his condom a few seconds after his wife, never letting me enough time to start feeling his presence inside of me.

Did I mind ? Certainly not. I had sexually pleased two people roughly at the same time. I had unlocked the secrets of performing oral sex on a woman. I had spent wonderful time with a very nice couple.

In short, I was happy. I quickly spooned Jasmine without either of us bothering to get dressed. Louis took a shower, but I was asleep in his wife’s arms before he came back.

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