Lizzie Chapter 12: Conspiracy Theory

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I came back to my room excited about my new situation.

I already had Tim sealed and Stephanie would soon “belong” to me too. Since I was already sealed to a Silver member, that meant I only had to seal one other person to progress to the next level.

Perhaps Greg, the boy who initially suggested I join the society. I knew where his locker was and since he was not joined yet, I would eventually visit him as part of my duties.

I was so excited I didn’t even bother to remove my brooch when I jumped on my bed, almost blissfully ignoring to look on Kylie’s side of the room. She had been ignoring me since the beginning of the semester anyway.

Kylie however, I soon discovered, wasn’t ignoring me like in the past. Instead, she had her eyes focused on me with raging intensity.

Well, it wasn’t exactly at me. She was clearly fixating my brooch with fire in her eyes.

“How could you”, were her first three words spoken to me in over a month.

“Hey, you joined too. It’s not like you have a say in what I am doing. You don’t even speak to me.”

“These girls are fucking dangerous. You have no idea how. Oh my God, you are already sealed ?”

“Yeah, I am sealed. To a girl who wants nothing to do with me. That way, the other girls have nothing on me and I get to explore the society at my leisure. If it’s so dangerous, why did you join ?”

“You don’t understand. I didn’t really join. I am studying them.”

“Well, I saw your brooch. You got initiated, just like me.”

I could see her shiver as if mentioning the initiation brought down horrible memories in her brain.

“Listen Kylie, not everyone is the same. Perhaps it’s not for you, but I kind of like it so far.”. I sat on her bed, next to her.

“You know, sex doesn’t have to be shameful. It’s alright if you don’t like it, but please don’t judge those who want to experiment while in college”

“You don’t understand. That’s not the problem. I mean, I do have a problem with that part, but it’s personal. That’s not why they are dangerous. ”

“What do you mean then ?”

“I didn’t join entirely out of my free will. I am preparing a thesis on dangerous cults and my advisor suggested I look into the sacred source society because it’s present on campus, allowing direct experience with them.”

“It’s not a dangerous cult. It’s just a bunch of college student having fun with sex and weird rituals. It’s just a way to break free from the shackles of the restrictions we had as teenagers because we were still minors”

“For years, there have been suspicions of fraud into it’s finances. A few students have dropped out of college claiming they have been abused not just sexually but also defrauded. But the worst was that there were a few suspicious deaths.”

“Deaths ?”

“Last year, two members apparently committed suicide. The police accepted the verdict but I am not convinced. They both only left vague suicide notes typed on a computer and not even signed.”

“Kylie, I don’t know you very well, but are you hearing yourself ? Sure, maybe some of the members commit abuse but if even the police thinks they are suicide, don’t you think you are over-reacting ? You sound like a conspiracy nut”

“Sure, okay, take it like that. But don’t say you weren’t warned. I won’t cry if I find you dead because you poked too far into the organization”

“Hey, that’ s not fair. I joined out of free will. You’re the one who’s there for the wrong reasons.”

Kylie looked at me and just grabbed her bag and stormed out of the room. I decided to let her cool off but the next morning she wasn’t back yet.

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