Susanna Chapter 23: Meet Simon

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This entry is part 23 of 40 in the series Susanna

Jeff opened the door. I was so happy to see him.

He untied me from the table. After countless days, I was free from the mistress.

“We have to hurry; she won’t be away for long”. Jeff and I were running in the corridors. I didn’t know what to do! No one had the keys to my master’s apartment and he would not be back for a few hours. And even then, I would not be safe: If the Mistress had caught me once, she could do it again. All I could do was leaving the house, but to go where?

However, we were not going for the front door, we were going up.

We arrived at a corridor similar to the corridor in front of the lobby of my master’s apartment.

Jeff knocked 6 times on the door, doing a particular sound.

It opened and a 20 year old gentleman opened the door. “Quick, don’t let my mom see you here”

I entered. The room was similar to my master’s room. The same doors, the same size, except that it was much nicer: The colors were a lot warmer, and the cleaning was well done. I sat on the couch, tired, exhausted, I had bruises over all my body. I was so much in pain, I couldn’t think straight.

“Jeff, leave by the back door. I think my mom didn’t see you since you arrived. Leave for the town, she will never know you came back.”

“Thanks Simon. Good luck”

“Don’t worry, I won’t need it: she is my mom, she won’t hurt me”.

Simon sat next to me.

“Would you like a bathrobe, or a towel to cover yourself?”

I was still puzzled. A few moments ago, I was being tortured by this savaged woman, and now, I was apparently in her son’s apartment. I still had wounds all over my body. My vagina was still hurting a lot because of the sewing. I had been deprived of sleep for the whole time.

I simply replied, “If you want to, master”, half asleep.

“Please, don’t call me master, I was a slave too for two years until very recently. Call me Simon”

“Thank you Simon”

“Are you in pain ?”

“Yes, a lot”

“I will get you some pain killers. Do you think you need a doctor?”

“I sincerely don’t know. I guess we will see in a few hours. Your mother was slowly increasing the pain, but I don’t think, apart from my bruises and my lips that I have been too hurt.”

“I don’t recognize her. Why did she do that to you ?”

“Do you know Felicia?”

“Yes, she was one of my nannies a few years ago”

“Your father had an affair with her, and your mom got rid of her. A few months ago, your mom bought me as a birthday present for your dad, in the hope of having him fall in love with me, which he did, and then she had planned on getting rid of me in order to bring him in despair”

“What makes you say that ?”

“Your mom told me while torturing me”

“The crazy bitch…”

“I don’t know what happened thought. I was in your father’s apartment. He always locked the door. I don’t know how she managed to get to me. Maybe she has a double of the key”

“No, she doesn’t. She hid some sleeping pills in your food. While you were asleep, she ordered Katryn to get in the elevator and put you in it. That’s how she got you. I had came back from my own slave contract a few weeks earlier. Katryn told Jeff yesterday about your kidnapping, who in turn, told me and I made plans for your evasion”

“Thank you very much. What shall I do now?”

“Well, first, we will have you recover. We will get rid of the suture. Then, we will talk about the situation. You still have more than a year to make as a slave. I don’t know if I will be able to hide you that long. For sure, my mom must not know you are here. I don’t know about my dad tough. Did he treat you well?”

“Yes, he did. He wanted me to be Felicia. So, he “freed” me, and made me his lover, not his slave”

“What do you think about that?”

“Well, I obeyed him, because that’s my job. But that’s it”

“Do you like to be a slave?”

“Strangely, yes”

“Let me guess, did you go to a Class S academy?”

“Yes. I graduated with honors from Atkinson Academy”

“I figured. Listen, I will let you recuperate first, and we will talk more soon. And another thing, don’t worry, I will prepare your food myself, and my food elevator can and will be locked.”

Simon got me a bathrobe, and some pain killer. He gave me a sleeping pill to help me sleep after all this stress. He gave me the same room as I had (the third door on the left), and I slept all night.

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