Lucy Chapter 11: Inspection

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Life was once again routine.

Catherine had new found youth and was able to do things she would have never dreamed of. In some cases, it was simply from her new found energy but she never realized that Lucy was always pushing, influencing her subconsciously.

The hidden passenger on the other hand was more adept in getting out of her box without Catherine realizing it. She was even slowly able to “blackout” the invading mind in a way to prevent Catherine from knowing about the missing gaps.

Initially, Lucy had only ventured in the foreground while Catherine was sleeping but she soon realized that they were other moments where Lucy could take over unseen.

For example, every morning, Catherine goes to a little high end coffee shop to slowly take a large cafe latte while reading the wall street journal.

Lucy realized that if she waited 30 minutes, she could take over, go do an errand and come back to the same location and position with Catherine being none the wiser.

You’d think she would realize the time had changed or the clients weren’t the same but Catherine was from the high-society and didn’t care about those peasants.

Lucy had even resumed masturbating, not just at night but also pushing Catherine to explore her new body.

She was able to connect enough to feel her fingers stimulating her tender clitoris but not enough to actually control the movement. It felt as if someone else was caressing her and in a way, it was.

Lucy had the impression Catherine was having sex with her. Lucy was no stranger to homosexual relations  but this felt different. This felt more personal.

Soon, she’d push Catherine in finding a lover, but it was hard as she was still deeply in love with her recently deceased husband.

Lucy could now clearly access all of Catherine’s thoughts and memories and even found herself occasionally having feelings for the departed man she had never met.

This new life was pleasant for Lucy who wasn’t running from problems for the first time in years. Sadly, this would soon change as Catherine accepted to get an inspection visit from the company which transferred her soul in the next hour or so.

Lucy panicked and retreated to the deepest hole in her box, hoping that whatever they did, they wouldn’t find that the door is wide opened. She tried to sing herself to sleep, to no avail. In fact, Catherine began humming Lucy’s song!

When the doorbell rang, panic had set in Lucy but oddly enough, Catherine was calm and relaxed.

Jim from the company entered, this time wearing a nice business suit. He was accompanied by a weird white women in her mid-thirties with dreads and multiple piercings.

She was presented as Grace, from the enclave. Jim began with a regular questionnaire. Had she suffered from any blackouts? Had she seen things move into her house without her knowledge? Did she have any foreign thoughts or memories?

But Catherine wasn’t a women to notice things, so she passed the test with flying colors. Lucy had been prudent, not counting on Catherine’s clueless mind.

The big test however, was Grace. During the interview, Lucy could feel Grace probing Catherine’s mind and once or twice, hitting a wall of Lucy’s box.

Lucy could almost hear Grace’s questions and somehow could hear “come out, come out, where ever you are…” buzzing in her head.

But Lucy resisted, pushed against the back wall of her box, closed her mind, tried to remain silent and passive.

Eventually Grace gave up and simply nodded to Jim that everything was fine. Did she convey more telepathically? Lucy didn’t know, but it clearly satisfied Jim who left the inspection relieved that everything was working fine.

He promised this was the last inspection and that the company would steer clear from her life from now on.

Lucy just managed to have Catherine ask a way to contact them, receiving a business card from Jim in the process.




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