Lucy Chapter 6: Waking up

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Philip and Jim are sitting in what looks like an hospital room. We know it’s still within the same warehouse as the various cubes used to torture Lucy, but the illusion is perfect enough.

Not that it was done specifically in order to deceive the patient. It was just easier to copy the default hospital room template than to reinvent the wheel.

Lucy is laying, motionless, on the only bed of the room. She is dressed with regular clothes and not an hospital gown. It’s actually the clothes she wore when she arrived at the warehouse simply because it’s the only fitting clothes Philip could find in such a short notice.

Lucy had been prepped for resetting which usually takes weeks of hard work, at the end of which someone else in the organization already purchased a few set of clothes for the target.

But by using boxing, Philip short-circuited the process.

You see, normally, the old clothes are never put back on the target body for fear that the drifting soul will somehow find a way to get back.

Today however, this wasn’t a concern.

Both men heard it at the same time. A grunt, an heavier than normal exhale from Lucy’s mouth which indicates that she is waking up, slowly.

The machine hadn’t really been rough on the body. Only one needle ever connected, at the base of her neck, to inject heavy drugs to provoke hallucinations.

It wasn’t even the drugs which caused the temporary coma. They had long since disappeared from Lucy’s body.

No, this coma was entirely normal after a soul transplantation, regardless of how the connection with the old soul was severed.

Normally, the client is warned and even given exercises to come out faster from the coma. You see, the problem is that the new soul has no idea how to operate the body and needs time to just be able to be conscious and use the brain for thinking.

This had been impossible to do…

Philip jumped to action.

“Concentre on my voice. Slowly picture yourself within your body. Try to imagine your fingers and wiggle them slowly.”

Lucy’s right hand fingers moved gently.

“Perfect. If you can hear me properly, tap your fingers three times”.

Philip was able to see the desired signal. Soon after, Lucy’s eyes opened and her mouth gently moved.

“Don’t try to talk yet. There was an anaesthesia present in your vocal cords. We applied the cure but the irritation takes a day or two to calm down.”

Jim provided Lucy a pencil and a pad of paper and asked the important question of the day.

“Once you are able to move your hands, could you please write your first name on the pad of paper. Take your time, there is no rush. We need to know if your memory is intact.”

Both men waited as Lucy painfully lifted her right arm and slowly moved the pencil on the paper, barely making an impression.

But once she was done, the misshaped letters were impossible to misread.

Catherine, not Lucy, was written on the notepad.

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