Lucy Chapter 4: The Machine

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This entry is part 4 of 9 in the series Lucy

Lucy had passed a few more tests and luckily passed them all. Slowly, room by room, she was losing sense of who she was.

Her time was entirely filled by boring and repetitive tasks. She could barely remember the puzzle room as it felt so long ago.

That room was filled with wooden blocks she had to place on a metal frame on the wall. On the frame itself was written “Solve”. All of the blocks were identical except for small grooves in their sides which forced her to place them in a particular order, requiring over an hour of trial and error to complete the task.

Once completed, a button would lighten with the word “press” on the opposite wall which, when pushed, would cause all of the wooden blocks to fall back unto the floor, exposing once again the “solve” order.

After solving the puzzle several times, the door unlocked to a room with food, water and the typical empty glass for urine which prompted her to drink from it once filled.

Once the food was eaten and the water and urine drank, Lucy would be lead to a sleeping room until she would repeat the puzzle room once more for perhaps half a dozen time or from time to time, for 20 or more repetitions.

The most frustrating to Lucy was the blocks themselves changed from one day to another forcing her to relearn how to assemble them.

At first, she wondered: Is it a fixed number of time I need to solve or is it for a specific duration ?

After a little while, she stopped caring and simply performed her duties as requested.

But that was a little while ago. Now, she had to iron shirts. She knew she wouldn’t dare to wear them despite having remained naked for longer than she had thought possible. She was sure she would have had her periods since but the days went on and on without any sense of time passing by.

She was no longer even sure of who she was anymore. All she knew was to obey the commands and stop asking questions. She was mute because of the one time she disobeyed and didn’t dare do it again.

So, day in and day out she would iron completely identical wrinkled shirts. On the first day, there were perhaps 6 or 7 shirts, but now she had big piles of dozens of them.

Still, the faster she went thru the piles meant the faster she would eat and rest.

But today was different. Instead of opening to the iron board room or some other menial test, she saw a big scary machine full of needles on articulated arms.

She could recognize an exercise bike in the middle of the machine: every week or so, she would spend the day simply pedalling on a bike until a light would tell her to go eat in the next room.

This time however, there were machine parts attached to the bike which seemed to connect to the various needles.

Scared, she sat on the bike and held tight on the handle. Hesitantly, she began pedalling slowly, in fear of what would happen.

As soon as she moved the pedals, the light turned off and she felt a needle move to pierce the skin on her back.

She trick to yell in terror but no sound escaped her throat. Instead, on the wall, a panel lighted up to order her to pedal.

Hesitantly, she moved the pedal some more and she felt a second needle pierce the back of her neck.

She jolted in pain and quickly brought her right hand to touch the wound but the needle was already gone and the wound seemed to have sealed itself already.

The “pedal” order blinked this time and out of fear of the consequences, Lucy forced herself to keep a steady rhythm which caused what seemed to be hundreds of needles constantly plunging deeper and deeper within her frail naked body.

Each assault lasted only a fraction of a second, but the pain remained and soon enough she had the impression that her entire body was being assaulted with massive jolts of pain and suffering.

Soon, still unable to scream from the pain, she stopped pedalling to make the suffering go away but even as she fell on the floor she could feel the agonizing torture of thousands needles still piercing her skin, even the skin resting on the cold hard floor beneath her.

Her brain pushed her mouth to yell “Make it stop”, but an oppressive silence still filled the room as Lucy lost consciousness.

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