Lucy Chapter 2: Strike one

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This entry is part 2 of 9 in the series Lucy

Lucy woke up once again completely disoriented. She was still naked but her skin and hair had dried from the shower.

She remembered her past ordeal but didn’t remember falling asleep. She was now in a mirrored room identical to her first one but this time, there were no holes in the floor.

There was instead a sealed envelope with a single word written on it : “Read”.

Realizing she was still stuck in her nightmare, she opened the envelope to find a single page letter without a signature.

“You have disobeyed an order and failed your first test. You were not to drink the water from the room and you did. As a punishment, we have taken you voice. The next time you will disobey us, we will take your pleasure. The third time, we will take your life.”

She tried to talk but realized she was no longer able to form words. Every syllable that came out of her mouth was distorted. In fact, her throat hurt as if something terrible had been done to it.

Crying, she let the letter fall on the floor and heard a small click indicating the door was now unlocked.

This room was different than the others. For one thing, it was bigger. It also had a table and an electrical oven. Well, it wasn’t really a full oven for it didn’t have the ranges on top.

On the table there was an instant cake mix with the various ingredients and tools needed to prepare the mix, including a mechanical timer.

There was an egg located in a small bowl, visibly made to crack it. There was a measuring cup with the oil already added with a layer of water above it. She pre-heated the oven and looked around.

After checking the box, Lucy realized that the measuring cup already had the proper amount of liquid and simply cracked the egg and mixed it in the measuring cup before poring the liquids on the cake mix she had previously put inside the mixing bowl.

Using the big wooden spoon, she started mixing the ingredients until she got a thick uniform mixture. A pre-grease pan was available which she quickly filled with the mixture.

Once the timer was set and the cake was cooking in the oven, she realized that there were no oven mittens.

In fact, she had no way to remove the cake from the oven without strongly burning her hands. She didn’t even have clothes to use as improvised protection.

She only had a few minutes to device a way to prevent from burning herself.

With less than a minute to spare, an idea landed in her mind. She turned off the oven. It would remain hot enough to finish the cooking while being in the process of cooling down.

She tore the cake box apart in two halves to create self-made pan holders. Finally, she prepared the wooden spoon.

As soon as the timer rang, she opened the door and quickly moved away from the front, to avoid the gushing heat escaping from the oven.

Once she felt the temperature of the room equalize, she used the wooden spoon to pull the oven rack forward and thus remove the cake from the oven itself without having to touch the hot cake pan.

After a little more cooling, she used her cardboard mittens to put the cake on the table, excited at her brilliant and cunning problem solving.

In fact, she was so excited she didn’t notice the clicking noise informing her that the next door was now unlocked, leaving her unsure of what to do next.

She didn’t have instructions on whether she was supposed to eat the cake or not and instead, sat in the corner of the room until the lights flickered.

It was the first time this occurred, prompting Lucy to once again survey the room until she finally noticed the door was unlocked.

The next room was furnished by two tables filled with delicious food, including cupcakes, turkey, donuts, steaks and other delicious meals. Desserts were on the right while main meals were on the left. There was a single glass of water with “drink” written on it.

Sadly, there were no instructions telling her to eat and as such, she drank the glass of water and reluctantly left the room for one with a single sad plate containing a slice of white bread, an apple and a Chinese fortune cookie located on the floor, with small card saying “Eat”.

The door to the previous room wasn’t closed yet for she was still holding it but she preferred following instructions than risking getting a second strike.

She kept the apple for last and discovered that the fortune cookie was specially made for her current predicament.

“Lucy, you have passed the second test. Rejoice !”

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