Lucy Chapter 5: Interlude II

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We are in a high class conference room. Philip, still wearing his jeans, is pacing the room back and forth, furious at the decision of the board.

The board of directors itself is sitting at the oval conference table. Half of the members of the board are well over 50 and wearing custom fit business suits to wrap around their overweight body.

The second half of the board of directors is young, fit and attractive. Philip saw that with his special need.

What is perhaps the most intriguing about this mix of people is the gender representation. In most board of directors, man outnumber the woman by a factor of 5 to 1. Today, the board Is equally represented between both genders.

The president of the board, a sexy 34 year old blonde with gravity defying breasts simply called Philip by name to prompt him to start.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know, the first method of cutting the tie between a body and a soul was discovered by the telepaths of the Enclave 15 years ago. It consisted in blocking the memories of the body in the soul using a telepath so that the soul would lose it’s connection to the body. Sadly, it was only temporary, with the soul always finding it’s way back a few years later.”

Philip had somewhat calmed down during his presentation.

“Madame President, as you know, we cannot fully trust the Enclave. For all we know, they made blocking temporary on purpose just so that they could force their services on a recurring fashion, charging more and more for each repeat blocking process claiming that the blocked soul becomes more resilient with time.”

“And so, you all tasked me to invent Resetting. Instead of using telepath blocking, we would bore the mind with menial and degrading tasks for weeks while using drugs to lower the brain functions. The process was the same, the soul lost it’s connection, but it would drift forever apart from the body because it became idle, passive. Seekers who found such souls describe them as pale, formless, almost dead. Unlike blocked souls, they have no desire to return to their bodies and simply float away. The problem is that the process takes weeks if not months and requires a victim who was already weak-minded.”

“In many cases, that is fine, but we have an unstable client and no body to offer her because none of our victims are ready yet. ”

“You also tasked me to solve that issue years ago, so I invented Boxing. You’ve all told me it was ridiculous. The idea is to cause a trauma to the body strong enough so that the soul would not separate from the body but rather cut it’s control of the body in fear. The soul, instead of drifting apart and risking from reclaiming the body, stays attached psychically but severed from the brain and thus, unable to control the body. If we do nothing, it will recolonize the brain but if we attach another soul in the mean time, the original one is kept imprisoned permanently, pushed on the side. This has the advantages that when the new owner of the body moves to a new host, instead of losing the body permanently, the old soul returns to keep it alive until we need it again and thus, perform another boxing.”

“You all laughed at me saying it couldn’t be done. I am here once again to restore my honour. Lucy Patrick’s soul has been boxed in and Karen from the Enclave confirmed my findings. We are ready to transfer the soul of our dying client to her body. “

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