Lucy Chapter 7: Explanations

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The last few days had been difficult for Catherine. She had woken up in a hospital room after remembering being in a car accident.

She couldn’t really speak and explain why she was so disoriented: despite not having access to a mirror, she knew that her body had changed.

Something was odd. Catherine could very well remember the fat-flaps around her waist and the dry cracked skin on the back of her hands.

Since she woke up however, her body had been visibly younger and slimmer. She knew they prevented her to see it too much by the way they were making sure to cover her at all times, but she knew. She knew something was odd.

Perhaps the accident had been rougher than she had thought and they had needed to reconstruct her skin, bringing it a younger look.

Jim and Philip came to visit her several times per day. They made her write her name several times as well as the answers to many personal questions but Catherine found them rather nice and amicable.

She wrote a few times questions such as where her husband Ross was but she was told to simply wait until her voice would return.

Today however, Catherine was determined to have answers. She had spoken in a weird shaking voice to the attendants and after a few vocal exercises, was able to properly speak without a hitch, even if she still found the tone of her voice oddly high for a women of her age.

She was left alone to put on a nice business suit which looked way too small to wear but which oddly fitted perfectly as if it was cut specifically for her.

Catherine got a look at her naked body while changing and could clearly see that even when younger, she never had breasts as nice as these and there wasn’t a single scar anywhere on her body.

“Will you please sit down Mrs. Clarkson”, were the first words Jim told her when she arrived in the conference room.

“Can someone tell me what is happening? Where is my husband? Where am I ?”, asked the 61 old women now in Lucy’s body.

“Mrs. Clarkson, you were in a fatal car accident. Your husband sadly died instantly while you received what can only be described as non-survivable injuries. You only had a few days to live and only on intensive life support under constant medical supervision. You only survived to our facility thanks to the glorious efforts of the first paramedic to reach the scene of the accident.”

“You said non-survivable…”, ask Catherine, in a confused voice.

“Indeed. Your body died 5 days ago and is currently in a freezer downstairs.”

“But I am still here aren’t I ?”

This time, Philip took the stand.

“Mrs. Clarkson, 41 years ago, a method to transfer souls from one body to another was discovered and this company was discreetly founded to offer a special kind of life insurance for it’s members. We offer our dying or elderly members the option to be transferred to a younger body in order to go on with their lives. Your husband paid for your and his policy and had planned to have both of you transfer into new bodies in two years, for his 65th birthday. His death was too brutal and instant for recovery of his soul but we successfully implanted yours in the body of a lonely 22 year old woman called Lucy Patrick. You will from now on assume her identity and live her life.”

“But… How is this possible ??”

“You needn’t to know. Our team will help you write the proper will for you and your husband in order for you to inherit your old properties. You will sadly need to cut all ties with your past friends but our team will also help you with that. We always recommend that you move elsewhere, in another city, another state or even another country.”

“And what about Lucy, where is she, was she moved to another body?”

“We have taken care of that Mrs. Clarkson. You don’t need to trouble yourself with our methods. Just know that thanks to us, you have a new lease on life. You have a second chance. You are young, sexy and rich. You have the knowledge of an accomplished 61 year old women in the body of a 22 year old. The world is yours. We only ask that you keep this confidential. The public doesn’t need to know about our services…”

The discussion went on a bit further, mostly about how Ross died and how he discovered the company’s services, but Catherine was still in shock over the discovery.

Soon enough, the most important question she had asked was forgotten by all of the three people participating into the discussion.

Because Philip had made a crucial error in his new boxing method, turning it into something a lot more horrible than he ever imagined.

Lucy wasn’t fully repressed as he thought. He was right in that she was unable to control her body, but she was still fully conscious of her surrounding and able to use all of her former body’s sensory input.

You see, Lucy was awake. She was listening in on the conversation the whole time.

But more importantly, when Catherine had a small accident drinking from her glass of water during a moment of distraction, Lucy was the only person present to realize what had happened.

During a moment of intense deep thought about her future, Catherine had temporarily retreated within her own mind, letting a slight crack in her motor control abilities.

Not a big one. Just a micro-second of inattention. But it was enough. It was the window of hope that Lucy had been hoping for since she had woken up paralyzed in the hospital room.

For an infinitesimally small period of time, Catherine had not been in control of her hand. Lucy had been in charge and that was enough to give a glimmer of hope to the original inhabitant of this body.

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