Cindy Chapter 9: Used

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This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series Cindy

It was exciting to know I was considered to be amongst the faster beginners. I had heard about Black-bug before.

The ranch was really proud of her since she won the inter-ranch marathon and sprinting cart tournament in solo in the previous 3 years. I had read her short bio on their site and discovered she was one of the rare full time residents of the ranch and that men from all around the world paid heavy prices for the privilege of riding her.

You see, the ranch has 4 main sources of revenues:

  • men or women desiring to vacation as a pony for certain period of time, such as myself for the moment,
  • couples whishing to simply use the facilities, with one of the members playing the pony and the other the handler/trainer,
  • patrons, usually men, paying money to ride and play with resident ponies,
  • and ponies winning prizes in tournaments

In order to remain on the ranch for a long period of time, I needed to attract a profit for the ranch, in theory either by having men paying for time with me, or by winning prizes. It fact, regardless of my interest, I needed both sources of income, since prizes were not enough and the best way to get a man to pay was to have a good reputation by winning prizes.

Of course, since I wouldn’t be asking for financial compensation other than for my future retirement, I could very well remain lucrative for a long time but I had to play my cards right.

I was awakened from my dream by the ice cold water washing me from the garden hose. Uncomfortable at first, it really helped me cool down from the heat, while cleaning up all of the sweat and urine left on my body.

A groom dried me with a towel, brushed my hair to untangle it, and once again applied a generous layer of sun block.

I was only left standing a few minutes before my dinner time meal was served, once again in a feeder, leaving me standing up the whole time. I hadn’t had the chance to sit down since I woke up, several hours ago, but this was the life I had gotten ready for.

Once I finished eating, my mouth was cleaned, my teeth were brushed and I was once more left idle to wait in the sun.

I heard male voices approaching but my blinders preventing me from seeing anyone. I could have simply turned my head but that would show human curiosity. If I wanted to become a pony, I needed to act like one.

A chair was brought in front of me and I was gently pushed forward so I could rest my front paws on it.

Because of my leather mittens, I couldn’t really hold the chair but I found a way to use the palm of my hands to distribute my weight equally and stabilize me.

“Are you sure I can just go ?”
“That’s what she wants.”


I heard movements behind me and shortly after, I felt someone playing with my tail right before I was penetrated.

Like I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t my first time sexually but all my previous experiences had been awkward and generally involved a lot of alcohol to lubricate the preceding social interactions.

This time, there had been no social interactions. I had no idea who this man penetrating my cunt was and I simply didn’t care. He didn’t know my name, I didn’t know his and I was little more than a blow-up doll for his usage.

Sure, he probably had different thoughts in his mind, but I simply focused on staying on my hooves so I wouldn’t fall without caring about him.

My thoughts were rather focusing on the run I had just completed and more importantly, the fact I had managed to dose off and drift away during the exercise.

That’s probably why my orgasm took me so much by surprise. I wasn’t even thinking about sex and I was blocking in my mind as much as possible the sensation I was feeling by obviously my body felt otherwise.

Perhaps I was beginning to accept myself. Perhaps I was beginning to feel free. Perhaps losing my humanity was the only way I could ever find relief.

Like I said, it wasn’t my first time. But it was my first non-masturbation orgasm.

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