Cindy Chapter 2: Leaving

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This entry is part 2 of 10 in the series Cindy

The flight was the most intense hours of my human life: I was about to become, hopefully, permanently silenced and my plan was making me really nervous.

In my mind, I reviewed my choice, but regardless of the arguments I could conjure up, I was convinced I made the right one. My airplane seat neighbour, who was constantly trying to make conversation with me, helped confirming my choice.

As planned, a driver was waiting for me at the airport, with my name written on a piece of cardboard. I didn’t care giving it to my new owners: It would no longer mean anything to me in a few hours.

I saw the professionalism of the stable in the manners of the driver. I didn’t specifically ask for any special treatment, other than being silenced, but he still managed to be perfect in my eyes.

When I approached him, he simply said: “If you are Cindy Paxton, please follow me”. I walked behind him to the limousine waiting for me. After helping me in silence enter it, he closed the door behind me, sealing my fate.

Inside the vehicle was a nice looking man, a few years later than my 21 years in a nice business suit. On his lap was a richly decorated and exquisitely made bit, probably custom made on the measures I send by email, since I couldn’t see adjustment straps.

“This is yours. If you have any questions, ask them now. Otherwise, as per your instructions, I will install it and silence you for the remaining 2 weeks.”

I decided not to react. He waited for a few seconds, and leaned forward to install my new attachment.

It was much more comfortable than my previous restraint, which I felt silly for having brought in case theirs wouldn’t fit.

“I know you wish to start to live your vacation as pony as quickly as possible, but I need you to sign some paperwork, and I have a questionnaire for your to fill on your limits.”

I was a little disappointed of having to do that, but I understood they had to protect themselves.

The contract was fairly standard from what I have seen and I signed it without any hesitation.

The questionnaire was a series of statements you had to check if you agreed or disagreed with. For example, here are a few of them:

“I agree not to be let out of my role as a pony for any reasons for the duration of my stay”

“I want to sleep in a bed”

“I want to eat normal food for supper”

“I agree that any human visiting the stable may have sex with me”

“I prefer my handlers to explain to me what they are doing”

Etc… At first, I wanted to check “I agree” on each statement, but some of these statements were opposed and I needed to actually disagree to remove any limits. I wanted to be a pony girl. Not a human playing a pony girl, but rather a fully submissive pony girl. I didn’t care if the whole planet fucked me, because they wouldn’t have sex with me: they would have sex with an anonymous pony girl. My only limit was that they completely stopped using my real name, and stopped treating me like a human.

As soon as I gave back the paperwork to my host, he asked me to strip naked. It was a little more complex than I thought: undressing in a limousine in movement is not exactly a ton of fun. Fortunately, I received plenty of help.

I showed to my temporary owner that my nipples were pierced, and took out from my briefcase my bells, which he installed, happy I was already equipped. I also installed in my 3 inches septum ring, which dropped from my nose to my chin, surprising him even more.

A delicate stainless steel collar was installed on my neck, forcing my head to stand uptight. A leash was attached to it. I showed my custom made foot hooves. After inspection and comparison with their supply, he installed my owns which I must admit, were much better made then theirs.

Wrist restraints tied my hands in my back and mittens were solidly installed. I was still naked, possibly because installing a harness would be too hard or possibly because it is the way they preferred their ponies when not working. I didn’t mind either way.

He sat back in his seat, leaving me to my demise. I quickly analyzed the situation. I was naked, in a limousine, unable to speak, unable to use my hands which are both tied behind my back and encased in mittens, preventing me from using my fingers. My feet were encased by my familiar hooves, removing any humanity look from them.

I was fully bound, I was naked, I couldn’t move or tilt my head, the blinders on my head restraint prevented from seeing anything but straight, and the bit in my mouth prevented me from fully closing my lips, making me drool on my naked breasts. I couldn’t speak, and everyone would use me in the way they saw fit, possibly sexually. From now on, I would no longer be treated with respect and instead would be treated like an object, like a “it”

In three words, I was happy.

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